How do you start a cult? According to Mark Manson it only takes 4 steps:

[li]Get a set of believes that can’t be easly proven or disproven - Such as convincing people you’re a messiah or the world is going to end. How the fuck are people supposed to prove or disprove that? They can’t disprove that you’re a messiah, which proves that you’re a messiah… well, sort of.[/li]

[li]Pre-emptively invalidate all criticism or questioning - Everytime someone questions your “truths” simply descredit them somehow. For example, if someone disagrees that you’re a messiah tell your followers that the derogator was put on earth by satan to test your followers faith. And therefore, the derogator must not be believed… (he may be lynched instead * COF *).[/li]

[li]Find your people - Like, go convert the depressed, the needy, the desperate… you know, the people that are emotionally likely to believe you. Bonus points if they are not very educated, young, poor or have fucked up life histories.[/li]

[li]And finally, create an “Us vs Them” Mentality- You need to motivate your followers by offering them an imagined enemy. This way they are going to believe in a greater cause (defeating the enemy) while being terrified to leave. It also makes descrediting derogators and criticizers much easier. Congratulations, you now have a cult.[/li][/ul]
So how the fuck does this relate to the Red Pill? Simple.

The Red Pill has a clear set of believes that can’t be easly proven or disproven. It is “based” (more like misinterpreted) on evolutionary psychology studies. Now, as much as evolutionary psychology is a scientific field, it is highly controversial given that, you know, it’s really fucking hard to guess exactly what evolved strategies caveman had millions of years ago. It’s literally trying to guess what happent millions of years ago when most of us don’t remember what we had for dinner last night lol. In addition, there are a lot of highly subjective and hard to prove beliefs within Red Pill. How the fuck are you supposed to prove that “All women are like that”. Or that all women have like 40+ sexual partners? Or that women view you either as an ATM walking machine or a walking dildo. Even if you ask them they may be lieing. How are you supposed to prove that if a woman went to bed with you was because of you alpha behavior and not because she liked the way you looked, reminded her of a past-boyfriend or she simply liked your shoes lol. How are you supposed to prove that there’s this small subset of men named “alphas” who are dominant and masculine and let no one fuck with them but at the same time are charismatic and cool and everybody loves them even though they are “bad boy douchebags?” How do i know if i am an alpha if the charicature is so subjective?

Red Pill rejects every criticism by descrediting critics and this one is easy to see. Don’t like Red Pill? You’re a feminist, an hamster, a beta cuck, a white knigh mangina, all brainwashed by feminist propaganda. You don’t like “highly masculine men”? What do you know? You’re a woman, women know shit. Bottom line is: Red Pill is perfect, every critic is wrong because they are shitty people. The “Game” that Red Pill teaches is also subject of the same manipulative tactics: If you use game and it fails you can’t criticize it because it’s your fault. If you used game on a girl and she rejected you it’s because you didn’t game her “well enough” and not because the game your were thaught has faults. Bottom line is Game is perfect and you’re just using it wrong.

Red Pill also has an obvious Us vs Them Mentality. Feminists want to emasculate you. Betas and Cucks don’t want you to get laid because they think they’ll “outcompete” you by being nice to women. Society is against you because of feminism. Your dad is against you because he wasn’t a “masculine model” to you. Your mom is also somehow against you because she raised you based on feminist shit views. Your cat is against you because you touch yourself at night. The world is against you and it’s gonna collapse due to liberals/progressives/whatever-the-fuck-it-is-they-are-obsessed-about-these-days and only the “chosen people” of Red Pill can save it with the power of “family values dropkick” and “masculinity super-punch” against the filthy scum of cucks and feminists and liberals and the flying spaghetti monster.

Finnally, Red Pill choses it’s people well. It attracts the lonely dudes who can’t have sex. The dudes who were cheated or fucked over by women. And the men in general who feel that they don’t belong anywhere or don’t have a cause regarding anything. In my first post i discussed that cults show up in areas of life where society is failing people, as quoted by the famous social psychologist Philip Zimbardo. And for the first time being a man in our society is ambiguous. Men used to fight, to chase women, to support their families, or whatever the fuck our grandfathers used to do back in the day. And now men are confused about what being a man is. Thats’ why “masculine” clubes like Red Pill appeals to certain men. It offers answers they may want to know, but in the end it only results in a “neurotic over-reaction” of a bunch of dudes obsessed with masculinity and getting laid to prove something to themselves.

Bottom line is: Red Pill IS a lot like a cult. Red Pill DOES employ the same tactics that hardcore messed-up cults do. It subtly manipulates people into believeing weird things that are probably far from being truth.

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no one know what you are talking about, we dont read these posts


plz cn yu wrte all of ths drama in one sentence


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Hii maneno ungeambia Neo Kabla achague between the red and blue pill wakiwa na Morpheus kwa The Matrix.

|Ive taken refuge in politics forum wale majamaa wa cult wasiniuwe for copy pasting

The borner you give red pill men…oh woman! The joy that you have noticed their absence from the plantation…:D:D:D
cc MGTOW cc PUAs.


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Dunno WARUdo or WARUsay.

Yeah… Yeah… We get it, TRP is a cult… Do we have a problem with it. NO… Why? Because the assertions of Red Pill are backed by data, psychology, and common sense that is known to all wazees with successful households… Data: ( ) 80% of women are attracted to 20% of men… AWALT hypothesis…

You can argue all you want about AWALT and NAWALT. But one thing is certain, dating is not the sole purpose of redpill… self-improvement is… EOF


:D:D this delights me

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TRP is a sexual strategy blueprint that can be applied in many facets of life .I discovered it accidentally on Reddit two years ago and my life has never been the same .Through application of the TRP knowledge ,I’m now making more money , healthier ,get laid more and generally happy .
I see my friends getting screwed by their wives/girlfriends and I’ve never been happier knowing that I dodged a hydrogen bomb


Having read this, I’ve just opened trp on reddit. Let me see what they have to offer.