So Black Mirror S5 yes Striking Vipers

That was rough…
I know most of yall will act like you ain a
Hollywood aside… This episode aside got me switching off all my consoles… Games ziko uninstalled… Nikirudi… No street fighter even questioning Mk and will I ever play female characters in fighting games ever cuz its facts that most yall be gay and trying to act like you don’t… Hata ka ni kiasi ka huyo Black mantra… Mko ka %
So it’s best early you know… On a break and when am back don’t ask if

Unatumalisia bandos freakazoid



That first episode was literally fucked up, it doesn’t make sense. Black mirror never disappoints.

Not even watching the rest hadi weekend

Black Mirror fucks up your reality, it’s a top shelf series.
… Dude made the pm shag a pig…

this latest season was disappointing. very disappointing. zote earlier ones were great.

Haven’t watched it yet so I’ll reserve my opinion, but so far so good

Once was enough. Black Mirror was [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]INSANE!![/SIZE]