The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is banking on intelligence tips by the public to help it expand the tax net as it faces the herculean task of raising nearly Sh900 billion in the second half of the current fiscal year ending June on the back of a double-digit shortfall in tax receipts in the first half ended last month.

The KRA says it expects increased participation by the public in reporting tax cheats and its staff who abet tax evasion and bribery when it finally rolls out a web-based anonymous reporting system within this half, a platform it has been trying to install since 2013.

Under this arrangement, a whistleblower will be assigned a special code to identify her once she reports a tax crime on the website, concealing her real identity.

Sioni ikienda mbali sana because any beneficial idea that does not benefit the big man in Kenya can never see the light of the day

Jirani hapa akikuonea wivu hustle yako grey economy amepata silaha deadly

Kama wewe ni mjinga kazi kwa status ni kupost venye uko trips na latest cars ujue tu utakipata. I have been warning fools against hanging their stuff on social media. Sanasana this youngin writers driving the latest Audis. I know for a fact KRA coming for their asses.

Did they get the 2000 spies to work in the fields yet?

Retrenched. Can’t find the link.

Wameshika ma Somali who are well know for the cheats n evasion…wakwende huko

Kenya Revenge Authority. Ushuru Kenyattax. So they bribed Raila in March 2018, and then went into a taxing spree. 8% fuel tax bill. The protests died, Jakuom ameshiba. We overtax everything. We are killing business. You are not allowed to live in Kenya. Just exist. Like being alive is a crime against Kenya that you have to pay for dearly. Tulikosea hii nchi yetu nini? Why does Kenya seem bent on revenging against Kenyans’ success?

Also what is the reward to the snitch? Nobody is going to bother reporting tax evasion when KRA will not reward him for his efforts. If KRA promises to award the snitch 33% of the recovered funds then people would be willing to snitch.

then hujui wivu watu wako nayo hapa njee, KRA will be given info for free

That is sad. KRA ndio adui.

The snitch will be rewarded by just seeing you suffer and business shut down.

Snitches get stitches

Wahindi na employers wataumia sana.