@snapdragon and other android gurus

I have been trying to root a non samsung android 4.4.2 without sucess towelroot doesn’t work and of course the likes of droidtools and framroot don’t work beyond ICS. I really need to get rid of bloatware its exhausting my ram and battery.

try superoneclick. make sure you have all the drivers installed though

Sasa non Samsung ni phone gani? Kwani Samsung is the only recognised droid manufacturer? Sema jina la hilo phone

Try rooting with king root


Samsung has the attention of developers so
as soon a new versions is released
developers crack it create custom roms etc
but the tecnos,
itels,infinix,huwaweis,lavas,lenovos n the
rest are left out.so mine is one of those.

^^^hahah kwani unaogopa simu yako…be specific ndio usaidike…

Sony os the only OEM that supports its developers

That’s the reason for my Xperia love. I can root, unroot, unlock and relock bootloader, enjoy roms.Plus the stock Xperia UI is one of the best.

this is his phone
phone http://91-img.com/pictures/itel-it1501-mobile-phone-large-1.jpg

Unaogopa kusema eti simu yako ni itel? Be proud of your stuff as long haukuibwa

was all tht information necessary anyway
follow the link uone kaa utasaidika


bt first try this ;get ROM manager frm play store…ukifungua mara ya kwanza it will ask u to update ua Recovery select ua device en proceed to download, it will automatically update to custom recovery, Reboot into recovery en go to backup & restore do a Nandroid backup…just in case u mess up trying to root.

kwani ni clone…

Snapdragon na performance ya Htc iko namna gani nimeona moja poa but ni twin sim…

@[SIZE=4]Osiris [/SIZE]enda this site utafute model ya phone yako and check how others rooted theirs —> http://forum.xda-developers.com

He needs root to use rom manager. Downloading rom manager wont do a damn thing but give him errors.

Hahaha… Non-Samsung Android phone.

@nairobilay actually ROM Manager doesn’t require root privileges, but super user aka root will require custom recovery

@benja HTC are very durable gadgets they go hand in hand with Sony they’re the only devices I’ve noticed they use metal casin in most of their brands…I say kama utafika bei go for it

@Afro @mayekeke XDA support only the big brands thats why I had to say my phone is a non Samsung.
@snapdragon ROm manager requires root privileges and can only download recoveries for the high end phones “Samsung”