Snapdragon aka laptop thief

So I post about Javan Omuga the laptop thief and four days later my laptop went missing. wewe snapdragon please tafasari nakuomba rudisha hio laptop…

So its safe to say @snapdragon = Javan Omuga

Not safe, utapoteza kama @Ella



Dude I’ll shoot u in the face en cut off ua balls…stop saying my name in vain

Am sorry swettie but I buy en sell I don’t do the game myself but I insist on knowing how the mashin was obtained…again am sorry I haven’t bought a laptop for a month en so

En stop calling me a thief gadamn u

Mujamaa chunga vyenye unaniongelesha, my bouncer @DI TICHA yuko inadi

waa…thieves in the village too…the village is complete.sasa ni thirdman tu tunahitaji apa awamulike


@kush yule mnono = javan omuga

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Leteni tairi tu chome @snapdragon .Hatuwezi ishi na mwizi kwa kijiji.


You Thief…Toa Laptop Nugu hii…Wewe na those who play the game hamna difference…

Bouncer wako na vile Chakula wewe hunimalizia…!!!

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That’s a fairly laboured metaphors bt I appreciate the sentiment behide it…u really seeking my attention young Lady but u have to wait like any other woman on my list, stop poking into my life swthrt or else…

Or else you’ll steal my laptop?


It doesn’t matter, its already gone I presume


hahaha @kush yule mnono jibu mashtaka bwana

Are u really willing to do this? Don’t tangle with forces u can’t defeat…I will not comment back to u on this thread but if u wish to continue I will inbox u a piece of my damn mind