qualcomm just announced a new processor for budget phones and this is big !

Manufactured under the 8nm processor, the cpu has 100% improvement over the predecessor, snapdragon 460 which was based on the 11nm
and also massive improvements on the GPU performance it uses the adreno 619 which is the same utilized in the snapdragon 750GG

Nokia confirmed they are working on a device powered by the processor we getting 5G phones for less than 20K in the first half of 2021
the tech is trickling down sooner than we thought

thoughts ?


Perhaps it is good, but it’s a pass for me. I will still stay with older flagship snapdragons. Hizi entry level chipsets are usually highly hyped ukishanunua unapata simu inahang kama silly.

Ever used the now old Nokia 2.1?

Nope but i have just seen its chipset :D:D 28nm. This is bad

but they are getting good, qualcomm are turning the heat on Mediatek

SD 480 is huge, just wait and see the caliber of phones that will ship with it, it even supports 120HZ displays

I use the Nokia 2.1 as a daily driver. I am a light user and it never hangs. I suppose the problem is people installing 38 apps and expecting it to work as a flagship.
Such phones are just for calling, texting, light browsing and the occasional Unity game.