Sms conmen

Some conmen are disturbing me with some text messages.

I remeber some time back someone posted some links to some premium rate sms websites and i forgot where i saved the link.
Someone please point me to a link i teach this guys a lesson.

The latest sms:

take mum to Karen hospital please and keep me updated on her condition,her papers are in the black rangerover.

reply…the range is gone! want to call my pals at CID to report it. can i give them your number for the car details?


siwesmind kujua kudeal na huyu pia…

Sasa hizo pesa utatuma kwa hii namba 0727015977 na si kwa hile ingine uko nayo,ok?.

Following this post

got ths last year those are crafty guys wanajua watu wako na madeni

There is one sms service you subscribe about cats facts, im really looking foward to getting that link.


Hauna delete option kwa sms options? Mi sinaga time nazo. Hata za 29299 direct kwa dustbin

Pia mimi natafuta back in klist it was on my favorite list

I got this yesterday

Hallo madam FAITH, I have sent 3.3m via western union. P/word 1845436741/2014. S/word " blue" for clearance, I’ll be there tomorrow,Frank ribe.(TZ)

I got this one too… Nilisms back “thank you for the money I was wondering how I’m going to pay my rent” just kumshtua kumbe it was just a scam. They called me back but I didn’t pick up

You need a book “The Catfishception. How to catfish a catfish.”

I received an SMS that you have received blah blah mpesa from a number… Then almost immediately a call comes…“halloo,nimekutumia pesa by mistake” in the background naskia wasapere wakiambana ‘reke nyambe nyue soda’(let me take a soda first)…
Back to the call…I told the male caller,“nishatoa”…Call disconnected even before I was thru talking.

Another told me I had won a 100K in some promo. Told him to donate the money to Kamiti Prison in my name…

Do not be fooled. Sad thing is that for every ten fake messages,they snare two or three greedy Kenyans