I have struggled with cigarette addiction since 2012. Back then I was in school and since it was a boarding it helped me a bit since I could only smoke on holidays and even then it was occasional. Well I finished school and I have smoked for every single day since. I smoke about 4-6 cigs a day. I have tried quitting but it isn’t working. FYI I don’t even looks like someone who smokes and among my friends I am the only smoker.I don’t want to be a statistic that’s why I want to quit now! @bjurmann and others who have quit how did you go about it?

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@Supu don, unahitajika hapa.

ahem… … will power my dear…its not easy but its doable. set ur mind…

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Kiyana…If I did quit,no one cant. I started way back in high school ib Form 2. Jokingly to belong. After form, I didnt hav much to do apart from lazying around for almost two years to join UON. Joined village football team…and smoking took root. Been smoking seriously from 20years. I’m 33 but every time I smoked, I would assure myself it was the last coz I personally hated the habit. Last year, I just made up my mind never to take another puff. A personal decision not to smoke that helped me during the first few days. I believed I was born a non smoker coz most of my friends were not smokers…from then on I never looked back. What I know is that it gets easier each day you go without a puff till you find yourself never even thinking of a smoke. FYI…I didnt even stop alcohol during my quit. Because I had made my mind that am not smoking and I was at peace. You can.


there’s your answer. Go back to high school.


mind set

set your mind

alafu kuacha inaanza na wewe… sote tunajua mwili inapenda anasa lakini unaweza ifungia

Why stop and you will eventually die?

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A simple formula to do it…tie an elastic band around your wrist and everytime you feel the urge to smoke pull the elastic band… that way you start associating smoking with pain!!!

Thats better than being a sex addict… Imagine u can borrow a friend whenever you are tight. A friend of mine was a sex addict. He lamnyad his gf anywhere he thought best. The lady objected the idea turned to breakup. Now he was to anything that moved, even car exhausts(robosexual) as if that wasn’t enough,he graduated to an award winning masterbatr. But he opened up to close friends and we advised him for rehab. Now on first day the guy was put on med (which involves getting sedated for few hrs) , he woke up looked around and pulled his meat beating it vigorously infront of the docs.

I quit and ballooned using e-cigarettes. Had to go back to my cigs. Everyone will die at some point. More so if you puffing 4 sticks those are ok, more like inhaling air in a city like Nairobi.

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weka mbisha ya yamtu ambaye don’t even looks like someone who smokes

We all will eventually die but there is nothing wrong wanting to prolong your life on earth

Asanteni I will smoke my last cig today (hopefully).

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Wait I upload my pic…

Kama vile supu amesema ni will power, mimi niliquit drinking and smoking 6 months ago na sai niko fiti kabisa but it was not easy.

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so God help you

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si ungeuliza wale walikufunza

Wakahomo umenianza?

Woishe…thats so sad …