Smoke dem bed bugs

Most of us have been bitten by the bloodsuckers at one point or another most likely in high school. and recently some parts of the Nairobi City have been invaded by bedbugs mostly homes and matatus…
Well some teenagers in the US of A have devised a way of getting high by smoking them…

Bed bugs are full of other peoples blood, why would anyone want to smoke them?

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However, this story was just a hoax, an April Fool’s Day prank based on an altered version of a real KNXV-TV report from several months earlier on the dangers of “dabbing” (i.e., inhaling butane-extracted hash oil, also known as BHO):


Those things were created to suck humans blood so why should you break the food chain?

lol ati food chain

They can live up to 18 months bila kunywa damu. And even longer for their eggs in dormancy.
Heri mende, panya na palmetto combined! Psychological effects ni worse than their bite

Ati Palmetto

Kutana na mende about two inches na inaletea paka shida. Ama unajua mtu anaitwa palmetto?