Smearing feaces on Kunguru's Hse

kende Mosi @Mundu Mulosi ebu enlighten us on what fuckery this is

@uwesmake Hadi suggested to one talker who wanted to send away a clingy kunguru akunie kwa kitanda, may be uwes or the talker got rejected and took law into their hands

Only @Tommy Lee Sparta is capable of such fuckery…SMH


Mimi kama ni judge the first part of the punishment is to have him clean that home inside out, top to bottom. He would also pay for the accommodation of his victims as they wait for him to clean up that home.
He will also have to pay for a county health inspector to come inspect if the germs are all gone.
The humility that he would get from all this would humble him to good standards.
Failure to that he would serve 3 years in jail.

This is infantile

Too many people in this country have mental illnesses, a sane person wouldn’t do what that moron did.

Red Pill Aficionados

:D:D:D and now this