Smartest &powerful phone ever

watu wangu hii phone ni ya nguvu…acheni hizo xia:mad:mi …Mara one plus meffi kabisa…go buy this one you’ll never regret.

Nani Anabisha:mad:?
by the way its Approved26

You must be brain dead. Post a screenshot of this page [ATTACH=full]172897[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH=full]172898[/ATTACH]miui 9.6 umetoa wapi ama ni custom rom? Juu sioni updates zozote

GO to XIAOMI. EU. You will get a custom rom based on the latest Chinese developer rom. Had nice features on including face unlock. You must know how to flash rom though and have an open wifi network Coz you have to authenticate again with mi cloud services

Ni Chinese rom so haina GApps?

Its EU rom, it has gapps

very bad decision. if unapenda Itel then ungechukua Itel A32F the Android Go Phone

[li]5″ Display[/li][li]Android 8.0 Oreo (Go Edition)[/li][li]1GB RAM[/li][li]8GB Internal Storage[/li][li]2MP selfie camera[/li][li]5MP main camera[/li][li]2050mAh battery[/li][/ul]
at only 6k

Peasant dementia

Go to needrom for any custom rom on any device

Your brain imeoza


In ones true state of mind, what the vibranium would one be doing with a ka memory of 512 MB ati na ka-betri kha 1500 mAh. Some people are fond of tiny tu-things.:eek::eek:

Memory ya 512 MB mwambie awachie fitness trackers. Lakini back in the day we used to hack our 1gb phones to get more ram from the memory cards. Kids these days like @Jimit won’t know the struggle

eeeee sindio:D

Nokia 3310 best phone of all time.

Hii inaweza pia