Smarter than Obama gorgeous lady calls out US racism and looting


In 5, 10, maybe 15 years (ok, I don’t know her age), this lady will be in office somewhere. Great speech.

Mr. Tooth, how exactly did you arrive at the conclusion that she’s smarter than Obama? If you wanted to ruffle feathers with that statement, you sure did.

Nice speech

Well, I’ll support @langatkipro here coz I think he meant the essence in which she delivered the speech at her age, not exactly Obama level, but just near there and impressive.

That’s how eloquent they are. Even small kids have a serious mouth on them that an adult African can’t match. It’s because they have no language interference in their brains to slow down their tongues. Motor mouths. Great speech though but hardly unique…

Lazima ungeleta comparison.

In most of America, you need white peoples votes to get into office. It may not be all of them but you need a good number. Just how many white people will vote her in?

You need to be able to convince the crowd, whether black or white. That’s how Obama sailed through. And from that video, I can hear she has convincing skills. So, to answer you, she would even get the white votes.

You have a lot to learn about white people.

hapa ume gonga point poa sana purple.

Obama is a con artist,he gets his way through flirting.

From direct experience, let me just say, naah. Nothing more to learn.

Yeah, and the sky is red. Continually repeating a fallacy doesn’t make it real. Just. Stop.

Yes. He didn’t chastise white people. It’s a technique successful politicians use.

what do you mean i stop,isn’t it my opinion?

Have there been any riots in your city and whats the mood like between black and white?

No riots at all. Everything is normal, fine. I’m watching this drama on the news just like you are.

For those who don’t know her, her name is Tamika D. Mallory.
She came under fire 2 years ago for attending Saviour’s Day celebrations by the Nation of Islam. In that celebration Minister Reverend Louis Farrakhan talked about how the Jews feel about Jesus and his mother Mary as it is written in their book The Talmud. Something about Jesus is boiling in hot excrement.
Jews were furious but can’t do anything because there is freedom of speech in Trumpistan and besides, he didn’t lie.

Really? That’s their native language you’d expect them to be as smooth as such