Smart women and other stories

I have my buddy from campus, the guy got dumped by his high school sweetheart while in campus, the guy obviously believes he was dumped because he was a broke fucker at the time, but I think generally women are attracted to older and more experienced men, odds are this type of men are doing much better financially compared to a naive campus boy. The guy is a civil engineer, brilliant guy, but he vowed never to marry a university educated chick, hehehe stupid right, so he married some form 4 leaver and they lived happily ever after. Now as an aging bachelor who’s about to snatch some unfortunate man’s daughter, unlike him, I find myself obsessing on my women’s academic performance and smarts in general, the idea is, A mother’s genetics determines how clever her children are and the father makes no difference.
Women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes to their children because they are carried on the X chromosome and women have two of these, while men only have one. I feel it’s my job to ensure my kids get a good deal in terms of genetic combination… Those guys who like my friend married chicks who are not all that,how has it turned out?

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Kwani unatomba degree


@Luther12 ebu kuja kidogo tuongee genetics. I read somewhere that at conception to six weeks, all fetus have 2 X chromosomes. So, they are technically female. afterwards, one of the chromosomes may fuse to be Y. Hence be a boy. Is this true or should I change my reading material. If it is true, does it mean that the dominant gene passed is from the maternal side of either parent?

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Swali kamili. Watoto wajisort.

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Do you know why millions of people worldwide don’t win jackpots or lottery? Simple. Because a human being cannot predict with certainty what will happen even in the next minute from now.

There are no guarantees in life


You’re comparing oranges with apples…

There are cases of intellectuals marrying illiterate housewives who went on to have intelligent children because they provided a stable home environment. why marry an overeducated overentitled overachieving woman mwenye kazi ni kucompete na wewe na kuturn watoi wako against you by spoiling them silly with too much affection and hauling your ass to court kila kuchao? hakuna haja. Ukipata dropout mwenye atakurespect na kusupport mtaenda far pamoja.


You’re confusing genotype and phenotype.

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When one will say assuming evidence ataweka… I married a woman who dropped out in form one due to poor performance and frustration and now all my kids are pros in various elite jobs you’ll change your preference?


You can analyse the woman you want to marry all you want…marry the smartest but end up pushing them through school.

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But why doesn’t testosterone kick in early enough to change the phenotype?

illiteracy doesn’t equal to lack of intellect,


your duty is to ensure the Kid is set for life in terms of a safety net financial or otherwise, mambo ya academics and IQ wacha kujali sana na kusumbua mtoto its not cast in stone. You will find a dunderhead whose parents are professors and a bright kid whose mum is wale wa kuosha nguo! So long as the Kid is not plain dumb or dim its all good. Just cultivate street smarts in him and financial aptitude. I really hope you will not be the kind of parent that tells the child lazima awe engineer ama doctor? then you despise him for failing to graduate from his engineering class when all along he has been telling you since childhood he likes painting or singing


Dropping out of school because of circumstances beyond your control doesn’t mean you’re are dumb.

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I said poor performance and frustration to score better grades

Am in similar situation

Because the ‘vessel’ carrying the fetus is female.

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stop reading/quating trump related materials


Genes won’t determine how smart your kid is if you marry those women that care about only their careers and don’t spend time with their kids and leave the educating to their nannies. An enabling environment goes much farther in determining the smarts of a kid than genetics.


marry a class eight drop-out and ensure she breastfeeds her child to full term with no formula substitutes whatsoever, and let another person marry a pHD holder that hooks the kid up to formula at three months then compare notes