Smart TV

What’s the best smart TV you can get above 32" for a budget of less than 30k

nunua digital TV na Laptop refurbished. Thank me later

Just buy digital tv

just save and get a better tv for like 63k Samsung has not failed me.

Nice, not bad at all. Their UHD4K, is a bit costly but not so way up.

get a skyworth 43inch smart at that price. Luthuli kwa waria

It was lauch in the market a few days ago… This will definitely disturb the market. The first day they had a 100 , 32inch tvs retailing at 10k the sold out very fast.

For your budget buy the best dumb 32 inch you can find for 27k then hiyo 3k nunua android box that will make your tv smart

Good advice
But hakuna a certified android tv box ya 3K. I think they start at 5K.
Hizo zingine huwa phones without screens plus ports. What I am saying is that most cheap android tv boxes run a modifed android OS to look like Android TV OS. They don’t run android tv os. There is a difference. Apps are optimised for android tv os but not android. Android tv os boxes also get different apps in the playstore. The apps also perform smoother. Several apps and Games are optimised for android tv os. They are not optimised for boxes running android os(plus the boxes usually have crap cpus and gpus).
The biggest issue is Netflix,Amazon TV compatibility. Those boxes can’t do HD on Netflix no matter what. It’s capped at 480p. They don’t have the right DRM certs to do that. Hata simu nyingi, akina Tecno ,can’t do HD on Netflix. Or HDR at 4K. Netflix doesn’t allow it.

I have x96 mini, it streams hd. Its 3k on aliexpress but 5k on jumia

Wow, it seems it’s a genuine one basi.
On Netflix, right? Si semi YouTube. Na hdr? Can it do that?

Saa hii aliexpress iko na issues kiasi kiasi lakini. They have delayed to deliver goods for a lot of people lately.

Kusema ukweli sijui hdr ni nini, I will check kesho and ensure netflix runs HD but I think I would have noticed if it were 480p

Mi box about 6k iko sawa.

About this syinix TV who knows of it’s picture quality and other stuff like loading apps?

My home pub has synix. Its picture quality is veeery fine

Thanks man, even TLC walianza chini tu na sahii it’s a very competitive brand.

sio TLC, its TCL (The creative life). Mimi TV yangu for the last four years or so imekua TCL, so far no regrets.

Skyworth is ok pia.

Lg all the time