Smart tv

Nisaidieni, nko na smart tv ya LG haina port ya Jack but inatumia HDMI ARC na home theatre yangu iko na HDMI out tu naeza saidika audio itoke kwa tv iplay kwa home theater?

HDMI to analog converter?

Ata mimi my digital 43" lg iko hivo. Tusaidie tafasari

I thought HDMI is a two way connection cable? Mimi nimeplug TV yangu kwa Home theater and it works both ways; either to show dvd/usb kwa telly or amplify audio from tv. So kindly clarify chenye unamaanisha apo juu


tv yake iko na HDMI ARC but hometheatre haina hapo ndio chida iko

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Well, most tv’s and Home theatres do come with a digital audio port. Why don’t you try that; i.e. kama ipo, ama aje @Zee

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hadn’t thought of that @Evansstifler try hii

learn to upgrade… hometheatre haina Arc should be damn old

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Use TOSLINK (or SPDIF, depending on your device’s port) cable. Costs about 600/= hapo Housewife’s Paradise.

Audio RCA connector will do but quality of sound, I cannot vouch for it.

Hio fibre optic connection between TV na hometheatre nayo ni? Nakumbuka nikiambiwa its clearer than normal cables

Ndiyo hiyo hutumia TOSLINK/ SPDIF cable.

English? The optic cable works fine…I think

Eeh ndio hio, just call it an optic cable hizo majina zingine zinatisha

Hehehe…I know it as a TOSLINK cable toka kitambo.