Smart Tv yasumbua

Hello villagers, I really don’t have to write a whole article about my big problem so i go direct to the point.
I have a digital sony Tv (smart bravia) and I’ve never used any decoder so far, shida ni kuwa i only watch the local channels but zile international kama net geo, Islamic channel nazinginezo siwezi access.
so if unajua vile naweza zilipia niwatch utakuwa umenisaidia sana.
not to mention I do browse with it nkiconnect via WIFI thats an added advantage.

Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame, premium channels ziko na wenyewe ukitaka kuona lazima udondoke.
The other option is to download mobdro on your TV.
Thank me later
Go to

Buy an android box and with wifi,you can even watch channels in Mogadishu and Baghdad…Thank me now…

Secretly install cable kwa dish ya jirani

sitaki kuongezea maelectronics kwa nyumba. can’t the smart Tv do alone?


Then kwa nini unataka kuongeza channels kwa nyumba?,endelea kuwatch local content…

I rarely go to rooftop so sijui niibe ya nani

Unasema ni digital ama smart ??

His TV is smart, which means, it serves the same purpose as what I’ve highlighted

MMNN… Alikujibu kiiiitambo the rest tunakojolea thread.

if its not an android tv forget it. hakuna ku-download anything. nunua android box and fanya vile umeambiwa.

Hii lazma ni jike. Anauliza swali na anajibiwa lakini anaendelea kungangana.

There is nothing special about those channels.They repeat programs.Some are gotv and others startimes channels.They transmit terrestrial signals that make digital tv or digital set top boxes receive them.Stop stressing yourself.Ignore them.

smart ama digitat yani dtv t2

Tv ina zote.The issue is the digital part.

I think what he is asking is is there a way that anaweza lipia those channels bila kuongeza anything kama decoder, coz this smart tvs huko nyuma zinakuanga na slot flani which I think uki insert a module from let’s say dstv you can view after paying them ama?


It might be digital and smart but it’s not android and as u knw android has a wide variety of streaming apps that’s why unaambiwa ununue android tv box… kama hutaki kuongeza electronics kwa nyumba kuna hako kadunde hio imepostiwa na @officiale U insert it kwa tv apo nyuma and u can only get it frm dstv and other service providers. they will discourage u from buying it and convince u to buy their decorder. Which brings u back to android tv box.the best option so far kama uko na wifi