Smart TV or (Digital TV + Android Box) ?


What is better? Buying a fully functional all in one Full HD Digital Smart Tv Wi-Fi enabled or Buying a Full HD Digital TV then Buying a Wi-Fi enabled Android Box to work with it?

Those who understand these TV’s Technically please advice.

Ma gwiji wako wapi?

Both choices will add up to the same cost so it will remain as your personal preference

A smart TV wastes one less HDMI port and electrical outlet.

Purpose matters. Is it just for movies and local news? Streaming? Games? Pricing also matters…

For Home use… Both Streaming Games and Movies… With Pricing, Can’t i get a larger Digital Tv + Android Box at a much cheaper cost than a Smart Tv?

Get a full HD tv (or 4K if within budget, future proof) and an Nvidia shield or any other powerful android box woth good reviews. Avoid cheap Chinese boxes.

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Thank you for the links… This is the best Option so far

android box endea nothing less than 16gb internal and 2gb ram otherwise bila hvyo buy tu smart tv…

How often do you replace your Tv? I personally prefer Tv kando na STB (satellite/ terrestrial/ android) kando.

I have a smart tv and i would advice you to go for the box, because its more open and has a lot more possibilities, also replacing the box is more easier rather than replacing the smart tv

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