Smart Tv. HElP

I am planning to purchase a brand new tv for my family. I know the best tv out there is Sony but due financial constraints, i would like get something else. Kindly help me choose between
Samsung and LG. (SMART TV 43 inch).
Please staki story ya Hisense na izo tv zingine.
Sande sana.

Panasonic smart Tv

Buys this LG 55UK6400PVC.
Thank me later.

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Ati oled haiwezi kaa whole day on!!

Chukua MOOKA 55 inch Mali safi.

Peasant haujui maneno ya TV and you are already ruling out the best brands just because they are Chinese . Kweli Kenyans have been brainwashed

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@Nyamgontho your services are highly recommended here

This. Unfortunately Panasonic retreated to Europe. Their OLEDs are the finest in the industry. They source their panels from LG display but their display engine/processors bring the best out of those panels. Unfortunately Panasonic is unavailable in Africa as well as most parts of the world. So no luck finding reviews of their TVs. But ukipata just know you could be a level above the Samsungs and LGs of this world.


Hio TV next year December haitakuwa inacheza youtube. Don’t waste your cash.

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This was in the past, with current day OLEDs you need about 10 years before the OLED burning kicks in.

With LG you’re most likely to get an IPS panel, lakini Samsung utapata LED in kenya. Tizen OS is one of the best, so utafurahia especially kaa uko na Samsung phone. I am talking about 4K TVs. I urge that you upgrade to 50/55 inches. Hizi 43" huwa na alot of compromises.

Personally I have always bought Sony but as time goes I realise that for similar features and performance samsung and lg are significantly cheaper. If you are thinking family tv, go 50in and above whatever brand you settle on. Sony tvs last forever. If you buy one, you will have to give it away eventually.

Man, siwezi buy brand kama iyo bana. Iyo ni kukosea ancestors heshima.

Thank you @Nyamgondho for the sober advice, wacha nifike pale skymall weekend nichomoke na mali safi.

Yaani watu bado wanadhani Sony inatoa tv kali kama kitambo? Sony ilipitwa na wakati kwa technology ya t.v.
Saa hizi the best tvs zinatoka kwa LG na Samsung. Sio chocha. Fanya research uone.
Ata TCL tvs sio mbaya.

Thank you, i actually settled on Lg. :slight_smile:

Which model?


I recommend the samsung tv. Sony tvs are not that good. There is a reason why they are cheap. I have seen very low quality LG tvs and phones but never samsung. Everything that samsung makes is made to the best performance possible. The samsung one may be expensive but it will be totally worth it, Samsng has more advanced technology than LG,

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