Smart home built on Alexa

Before i checkout, is there anything else that is of importance to add to my cart as i embark on build a smart home - Alexa being my preferred platform.
Doing it for simple automation and routines like controlling lights, ac and cameras

Settled for:
4 smart plugs
Echo dot 4 (for living room)
Echo dot 3 (for bedroom)
A smart Led strip light.

Any pointers before i proceed are welcome. [ATTACH=full]402350[/ATTACH]

Just curious, what made you chose Alexa over Google it other open source solutions?

So far I’ve been using amazon services (Music, kindle, prime video & shopping) for the last 2-3yrs. Been a prime member for over an year and so far i like the services. I chose Alexa over the rest coz of the experience I’m having with amazon

Unda network Kwanza msee

Ah, i see, in my spare time, i am reading on open source home automation solutions like using esp8266. Its a project i will take up as i seek to de google, de-amazon my life. Cheki .

but vile elder statesman amesema hapa, whatever solution you go with, the single point of failure hapa ni network. Without a reliable and redundant network setup, you stand to get frustrated

Noted Elder Statesman

Is it an existing home? So many possibilities, lakini try to build a solution that can work without the cloud.

Bro how did this project go?