Smart Bracelet

I bought this bracelet from AliExpress and I’m having real trouble setting it up. A fossil is seeking assistance villagers

Start from the name, it’s called a smart watch/band depending on its main functions.
Normally you just need Bluetooth to connect, or an app if it works as a band…

So I should download the app from Google store?

Enda youtube baba,dont let a smart watch outwit you

You could run through YouTube and also search from the app store.
Bluetooth set up should be easier maybe, turn on blue tooth on your phone and make it visible to other devices, search and pair and connect, you should know the name your smart watch will display, this should be in the manual…

Vile @Bigfish1 amesema, turn on the smart bracelet, go to your phone’s blue tooth connections and find/search for the bracelet’s name. Pair your phone with the bracelet and you’ll be good.

There should be a QR code in one of the manuals that came with the smart bracelet’s to help you control it with your phone. Tumia QR scan app yoyote and you will be able to download the official app.

So how did you buy it?

Ahsante villager,I’ve made headway with your advice. Was almost tossing this kathing to the dustbin.

Download the AliExpress app from Google store(I assume you’re on Android)After installing the app the go on a shopping spree, you can even pay for items via M-pesa. After payment you’ll wait for shipment of your item to a post office address that you’ll have entered while registering on the app.

how long will I have to wait?

If you use China Post registered air mail option or aliexpress standards shipping then after two weeks the item may arrive.

It happens every time a smart watch is bought by an idiot.

Fossil umejaribu monitor your health wisely


ulilipia any tax? which post office did you use?

For this one I didn’t pay any duty but yes,other items are due for duty

You should look up instructions on YouTube, there are some helpful videos. Generally, I think that it is quite easy to apply these instructions. After that, you will be able easily to install the application from play store and connect quite easily.