Small Biz around NRB

I actually did float this question here a while ago in a thread that wasn’t related to it. Then covid hit and that put kibosh to that . So I come back again as things open up . I have a friend I wanna help start a small business. Something not too complex . I wouldn’t exactly call them the sharpest tool in the shed. But They’re hard working and honest…been a true childhood friend for the longest. The ideal amount would be 100k so if it sinks, well lessons learned and not too much foul . What are some of the small , viable businesses in town?

What has your friend done in the past?

What does he say he wants to do?

He must actively participate.

Yes he will actively participate. He’s sold clothes (hawking) and he says that market is saturated and much unpredictable nowadays. That was his main hustle for a while. He’s also sold eggs and I believe peanuts kwa bars and streets. He’s a hustler in brief.

Give him an amount that you will never need. Try not to lend money to friends. Because, if they can’t pay you back, you will lose your friendship.

I always advise one never to start a business for another person. I lost a friendship this way. I advise that they should continue on their self discovery journey and put initial effort into something. At that point, you may assist. But I repeat…do not do it for them.

Mwambie aingie jumia … apige laps kadhaa river rodi abuy various commonly used stuff then arushe jumia

He’s just said the 100k ikizama, lessons learnt and all that

You’re a blessing to this guy. What is he currently doing? Making an injection kwa kitu unafanya inaweza saidia.
But, if that is to happen, maybe understand how it currently operates, expenses and returns and all that. I think your intention of supporting is for him to grow and be better financially/socially

Give him the cash and tell him to use it to boost the business

angalau umeamua kusaidia singo madha unlike talkers

I am fine with it If he fails but he tries so hard in life, I feel like IF I can help, I should. It’s not a loan

It’s a dude but it has nothing to do with gender. Friendship

This is a very interesting idea

Yes my hope is he grows to something better for himself and his kids. I agree something familiar with him might fare better but it seems like what he’s tried before can’t be improved on. That’s why I am ok with losing a little bit if it gives a chance to change his life. One thing he is for sure , hard worker With a clean heart .

Wacha kutubeba ufala elder.

How now???

Buying cheap shirts from Kamukunji and hawking them around the estates

This may work for him. Lemme try this

He can go to bars, restaurants, estate streets etc

Yes he has experience with this. I agree with it because I doubt he can sustain the rigors of change that a new venture would bring, however hard he works. But he sells clothes so this would really help. I guess simple does it. Just hoping to make his daily life better via his own work

100k anaweza pata masomo which can push him to newer heights e.g. Android/ iOS Programming. I agree that masomo is not for everyone though.

Let him pursue his passion/ exploit his talents. That’s The only activity he’s most likely follow through on.