Small and Medium Enterprenuers Wenzangu Kujam

Small and Medium Enterprenuers wa mrengo wa Thuraku pale Inooro TV wanajieleza.

This country’s policies, rules, and regulations are made and enforced by a bunch of geniuses led by Uhuru herself (Jinga Yeye!).

This is how it is:

  1. Vile watu walikua wamezoea kushikana watu 50 wananunua tupadlock, tuhandkachief, etc wanaeka kwa container moja wanaimport imezimwa. Saa hii kama hauwezi jaza container na kitu ya aina moja ukiwa peke yako Unaondokea. eg container ya pegs pekee.

  2. Inspection ni carton by carton first in China, then severally in Kenya, all paid by Kenyans. Inspection companies in China are Chinese, paid by GoK and the small Kenyan. Inspection companies in Kenya are by companies owned by big men in GoK who are also importers, also charging the small man inspection fees.

  3. Some fees are waived (allegedly) to Chinese businesses setting up in Kenya with cheap Chinese capital. All fees are applied to Kenyan businesses notwithstanding they run on exorbitantly priced loans owed to foreigners.

  4. Wacha nipunge hewa…

Why not form a company and still import kama mkulima wa mapato ya chini? The other problems can be sorted by smuggling, bribing etc. Wakenya huwa na akili ndogo sana.

You don’t get it.

Someone with 20k cannot import a whole 20-ft container. That requires a few million. So small business owners and “hawkers” used to consolidate their wares and send them in one container; msee wa socks na carton zake tatu, msee wa viberiti na carton yake moja, msee wa handkerchief na carton zake mbili etc hadi mali inajaa container.

Saa hii kama container haijajaa socks and only haipitishwi.

Wewe ni wale kuria aliongelelea juzi. Mtu anasema hakukula Jana unamuuliza kwani alisahau kupika.

It will end, wacha hii taka taka inaitwa Uhuru iondoke…hata Moi aliondoka tu

Kenya has so many billionaires and millionaires. Hizi Prado na Range Rover ni za watu Tajiri. Wacha waimport hizo vitu sisi tutanunua.

My experience makes me feel that things have changed forever. It will never again be like it used to be.

I’ll assume you’re not sober.

I once brought in 4 hammocks (about KSh 2,500 each) and they took close to 3 months to move. Sijawahi leta tena. Unafikiria kuna tajiri anaeza leta a container full of such cheap goods moving at that rate?

We will get a leader who cares or one who does not want people complaining too much when he is stealing so atawacha kitu ya watu wadogo

Well said, this is probably what is required to end the costly single man operations.
When a group is able to pull together resources to import or export a container of goods, the next thing is to take a shop becoming wholesalers, then a supermarket. I guess that is how hawkers become serious entrepreneurs

What I am still yet to get my head round is what the Govt wants to achieve in all this.
Do they want to setup factories to manufacture the small commodities we are currently importing from China and other places?If this is the case it would still require a bit of time.
Do they want to edge out small players to be left with big players who are easier to control?
Siku hizi almost everything you bring is labeled counterfeit hata cover ya simu?!!!

Let them burn.

They were happily singing “tano tena” and “wembe ni ule ule”. Haya basi, finish the journey fools.

We thought policies like this were being fronted by the opposition and that’s why we sang tano tena. You are also in this, so are also taunting yourself.

Clearly you’re not in business so you wouldn’t understand.
The nature of some commodities and business dynamics makes it very hard to achieve some of this things.

The Big 4 agenda

YES. Unfortunately, Uhuru is running out of time and money to set these things up. The high factory overheads also eat into the projected profits meaning they have to charge higher prices for their products if they want to avoid losses. Kenyan spending power is also not favourable so that’s also bad for them.

Yes. The people who wrote the big four agenda are the big players in the industries and are seeking to establish monopolies by force.

Lol I don’t support Uhuru or Raila. Try again :smiley:

Abduba dida?

They will register a company, members with shares. It is exactly how the Indians and now Somalis do hence, there financial muscles and dominance on our shopping high streets.
The inspection of goods in China is to ensure fake goods are not shipped. There are Chinese gangs who are active in substituting genuine items for fake ones, en ruote somewhere between the factory or wholesale to port.
The inspecting company is meant to guarantee what people buy is what is sent, the Kenyan end inspection is to validate, what is received is what was purchased. If their is an anomaly, the Chinese end will probably be liable and compensate the buyers.

Whoever you support my friend, isn’t helping us now. The conman we put in power is fcuking is both.

Government officials are taking kickbacks from Chinese business people setting up businesses all over to edge out local SMEs.