Slow jam sunday

As the week ends, lets do it in a slow jam way. Kwa wale wanapendwa na wale wa dryspell (na tunawajua) feel free kuchangamka.

Me niko job as I listen to Old school tracks by Hova;list=RDtWpIZiiLwdc

@Waithelelo hebu pitia hapa kiasi. Hii inakuhusu

Hov is crap
Though we all appreciate what he has done for the culture

Back then we had real music…

Buying Sunday Nation them days was a must so that one can get the lyrics of the jams

Pia mimi leo niko RnB

[B][SIZE=4]Ginuwine - What’s So Different?

Eric Benet: Pretty Baby

Tony Toni Toné - Let’s Get Down

Monifah - You[/SIZE][/B]

Hii ngoma ilikuwa juu mpaka Mariah akai sample
[B][SIZE=4]Rainy Davis (SweetHeart) - 1986

[B][SIZE=4]SWV - Use Your Heart

[B][SIZE=4]Mariah Carey - Crybaby ft. Snoop Dogg

Hun you know this has been one of the hardest weekends ever for me. You shagged a Shexpat and told me to my face and in public hia. I need counselling and therapy. Ni sawa tuu. How did I get here?:frowning:

@kush yule mnono

This is not fair. It is like a scene from a sad movie. You know what you are doing to me hun all along. That song pierces thru my heart. I thought you loved reggae. I beg to differ. I love you Kush. I ache for you. The words. Haki I have shed some tears for a reason I will tell you privately.

Wapi ile emoji ya kuhololika