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[SIZE=7]Weird Animals Around the World[/SIZE]
Chinese Water Deer
What makes this deer one of the strangest animals is that it has prominent tusks, which are actually elongated canine teeth.
These especially long teeth led to the Chinese Water Deer’s English nickname, the Vampire Deer.
Able to swim for several miles, the Chinese Water Deer can also pull their canines tusks back by using their facial muscles.

Red Lipped Bat Fish

Also known as the Galapagos Batfish, this freaky-faced fish is found in the Galapagos Islands at depths of 10 to 250 feet.

In addition to its red lips, the fish (a terrible swimmer) is distinguished by its ability to “walk” on the ocean floor using its pectoral fins.
Once they reach maturity, their dorsal fin evolves into a single spine-like projection that they primarily use to lure prey, including crustaceans and other small fish.
The illicium on its head is used for the same purpose.

[SIZE=5]Hickory Horned Devil[/SIZE]
The Regal Moth (a.k.a. Royal Walnut Moth) is as beautiful as any butterfly we’ve seen, with stunningly vivid colors.

But in the larval stage they’re known as Hickory Horned Devils, and look like something out of a horror film director’s nightmares.
They eventually turn green, with huge black-tipped red horns and what look like little black spikes all over their bodies.
The nocturnal feeders don’t sting, but they do curl up into a j-shape during the day that makes them look like bird poop.

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