Slope of forehead and intelligence

Between humans, there is no relation between shape or size and intelligence. An attempt was made in the 19th century and was totally discredited. … There is not such a correlation between slope of forehead and intelligence, in any case.

Kwani dem yako ako na forehead?

No forehead here…
Whatever that means…

Typical subsaharan male. Low IQ

IQ ya humans with vipara is higher this has been researched and proved

Anko tuliza kipara uko busaa base bila kusumbua

He meant kisogo.

But how comes you married this ugly, fat pig?


Polish kipara yako polepole na bila kelele.

Banae ata kina AlberT einstein walirock afro…wacha kumix genetics with intelligence

Ulitaka akuoe ama?

Heshimu family ya shemeji mbwa Koko wewe


Didmus your brain is always slow. This Bukusu chap says that bald bonobos like him are smart and fast thinkers so why and how did he end up marrying this fat pig below???

It indicates that he is a brainless thinker.




[SIZE=5] Wewe son ya malaya unapenda kudefend huyu mluhya sana. Na siku moja tutajua ni kwa nini.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ni kama huwa mnapendana. Ni as if huwa mnashare mapenzi. Always standing up for each other like two homosexuals in love with each other.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Kikuyu and Bukusu love.[/SIZE]


your handle needs to be changed to village gay elder we will still support u…na admin damn with the filters