Sleeping while Music is playing

How do some people manage sleep while music is playing.
for the few times i have tried, i kept waking up, coz of music disturbance

unaweka zile ngoma zinakukumbusha sadness kama ile @Davidee aliskia akilia after dem kumuwacha .

I used to, like 10 years ago. Now, i can’t…

My younger brother can’t sleep when the radio is off.


Can’t sleep with music on. I am a light sleeper most of the times…


I can sleep through an earthquake, music is nothing once I am asleep

you must be a heavy sleeper

Depends on the type of music…try soul music and a low sound…It works!

Hata bomb ilipuliwe siwezi aamka…

Yeah, I am. Its a good thing too. I sleep fully, then wake up and never sleep until the day breaks

How can you manage to sleep with that kawoman yelling at the middle of the mix:

“…kama hujasiba, mwamme utapeleka wapi? Kama hujasiba hata uwezi fanya interkwaparing!”

Nisaidieni na meaning ya haya maneno please.
:eek: :eek: :eek:

Yes when classical music is playing…

one thing l hate is silence…l hate my thoughts…either music inaplay low volume ama sauti ya fan, lakini sio silence

wewe ni wale watu wa can’t sleep when lights are on pia

Must must. I prefer to put Sade since I have her discography. She sings and within 2 songs I’m out like kplc.

What a woman!

Not my thing at all. I will wake up with a heavier head than I had before I slept.

Unless i’m high, I only sleep in dead silence.

play ambient music