Sleep Walking..

During the Christmas day went visiting my aunt in the village. I brought some niceties to her 10 years old girl. She was happy over the moon. I decided to spend the night there since it was late. At night the girl wakes up and is talking strange things. My aunt tells me she’s asleep na ataamka tu. After like 3 minutes she’s back to herself and goes back to sleep. Very scaring. There’s a pastor who has told her that the girl has some spirit that can be removed. Am still confused

I’d donate my left nut to see that happen. Sleep talking appears to occur more often in people with mental health conditions waangalie brain pan ya yua niece she could have some serious PTSD. The walking part,well,it runs([SIZE=1]walks?[/SIZE]) in the family. It can also be caused by stress, sleep deprivation, certain medications, breathing disorders, and again neurological conditions. Pasta hakuna kitu atafanya,otherwise mathare ingekua empty

Pastor want’s to “place hands” and get paid while at it…sick bastard

It’s normal for kids that age to sleep talk, especially if she’s fascinated by some TV programmes, movies or cartoons. She dreams being a character on set and interacting with other characters in the progi. If you had kids you would understand.

PTSD kwani alikuwa vita Somalia???

Ptsd si ni ile disorder ya wanajeshi?

Hii ndio ubaya ya social media. On social media hata kinyozi kama wewe anajifanya ni experienced psychiatrist throwing abbreviations around like a 30 year medical veteran.

Post traumatic boss,uko america na haujui trauma ni nini aiseh na hio kizungu yote. Any grevious form of physical or mental anguish and its response is traumatic. First time uliingizwa deki mkunduni was traumatic to you the next day ,no? So yeah post traumatic stress disorder if you still have nightmares,insomnia et al

People will forever be perpetually troubled because they never take their problems and afflictions to the appropriate experts. Instead, they take their problems to the unhelpful Jesus… in prayer!