slayqueens wa tanzania watanyoa

wig tax
kenya mkicomplain abt fombe na sigara pale Tz maslayqueen hawana bahati…they will have to go natural

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Tanzania’s finance minister has announced a 25 per cent tax on all imported wigs and hair extensions and a 10 percent tax on those made in the country in a bid to raise more revenue.
Philip Mpango announced the measures, which should come in at the beginning of next month, as part of his annual budget statement on Thursday.
Wigs, most of which come from overseas, are commonly worn by women in the country.
The cheapest wig currently costs around $4 (£3.40) but they can go up to $130 (Sh13,000).
Mr Mpango also ended the exemption on value added tax being placed on sanitary towels. He said it was because consumers had not benefited from the lower price as businesses did not reduce what they charged when the exemption was introduced.

Many women have taken to Tanzanian WhatsApp groups to complain about the new measures, accusing the government of punishing them.
Other tax increases include a 35 per cent tax on chocolate and biscuits - it had been 25 per cent.

mimi nilikuwa na fikiria unasema kunyoa huko chini

Hahaha. Great taxes there

Most African countries have very small room to maneuver in expanding revenue on tax, basically the manufacturing areas are more so dead. The working population is so low that taxing them further would cause an uprising.
Most of the bilateral agreements are mostly to blame, leaders enter into such with very little interest on how it will uplift the general public.

This is to promote local industries… why should we favour importation of what we can produce…

true, the problem with african economies is inadequate manufacturing sector, which could be a great source of revenue. In addition, economies dominated by “jua kali” sector will never meet its tax collection targets and thus resort to imposing draconian taxes

How can the informal sector be included in the tax bracket … is it even possible ? which country has done it and how ?

as above, but also provide the right environment for them to succeed, and find markets for their products

Wakili, leta legal perspective.

wanaume wataumia mifuko sana…

Natures law says wigs should fuck off :smiley:

Nikisikia ‘Toupee Tax’ next year you’ll file a petition for me.


Hiyo kipara yako ni criminal case tafuta Ombeta

@admin bana…

you dont get the point…it does not mean they are going to tax the informal sector…instead they are going to increase dubious taxes on commodities and services…but if the economy has high percent of people in formal sector and manufacturing tax collection target can be met without constantly increasing taxes on commodities and services .

na wale wa kuambiwa “unkamie na chocolote” hawana bahati …Other tax increases include a 35 per cent tax on chocolate and biscuits - it had been 25 per cent

Kenya has a huge informal sector , sioni how the government can tax them…