Slavery this slavery that trump this trump umeffffwi.. Juvenile mafwi tucker tucker threads

@administrator how are you? Thanks for this wonderful platform but please can you give these fools their own section called USA affairs? Thank you[ATTACH=full]314793[/ATTACH]

Vercetti and his fellow faggots can go victimize their asses in that section.

Just outta curiosity, since this Forum is taken over as per your opinions, why don’t you assholes go ahead and use that new one… :stuck_out_tongue:


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Now that you mentioned it, I sure will… :D:D:D:D


Katombwe kumamako saitan!

@administrator @Purple @Mundu Mulosi @Old Monk @Electronics4u merge hizi thread za slavery. Those ghasia want to make our mighty kijiji to be slavetalk.



Sema tu unataka kuchangia za faggets ukanyonge tumbili