Slavery in Libya

IDRIS DERBY the President of Chad has broke the silence on the ongoing slave trade in Libya by giving the Libyan govt 24hrs to release every African held as a slave in their country.10,000 Chad Soldiers deployed to border. Finally a true leader who stands for justice.
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swafi tuko nyuma ya CHAD , we can offer ourselves us fighters , ISIS/ SYRIA style apan tambua WAARABUCHIETH

This must the best news I have heard in 2017

Algeria, Niger,Tunisia, Sudan and Egypt should follow suit and the AU should intervene…

There are leaders and then there are leaders.

Chad has battle harden troops since they have fought in their entire history. Let’s see what usa and france will do. Both have secret bases there for their special forces.


Fake news


He is called Idris Deby

Somalia was also battle hardened after decades of war but that didn’t stop KDF’s march towards Mogadishu under the leadership of Emilio Mwai…rather say Chad have modern military equipment and well trained soldiers …wacha waharabu wachapweko


Incompetent Nigerian president Buhari is still quiet. Most of those slaves are Nigerian.
Buhari is only half alive, why Nigerians keep him as president is mind boggling.
Nigeria was actually one of the 3 African countries that signed the Libya Resolution under president Goodluck Johnathan in 2011. The other African traitors were Gabon and South Africa. This resolution was the greenlight that allowed mzungu to go kill Col. Muamar Gaddafi. One wonders why AU kept quiet. Why president Uhuru kept quiet.

Muamar qadafi died October 20th 2011.
Remind us when Uhuru became president?

:D:D bro I was the middle of a work assignment and that’s why I posted mharo because I was rushing. I take back that part. Kibaki was the president. Shame on him for not speaking up

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I was told that this is “fake news”???![/I]