Skyworth vs TCL TVs

TCL is undeniably good considering the features offered at a friendly price. Lakini pia Skyworth TVs are equally affordable. I don’t know much about skyworth TVs. If you’ve got a Skyworth TV or have used one, how is it in terms of features, picture and sound quality, multi format playback, etc.? And how does it compare to a TCL TV?

All are crap…buy whatever is cheaper

TCL na Skyworth

Tcl ni poa

Slightly better market share for TCL . How about the quality?

I think they are formidable lot

Hisense has been winning awards in USA. It’s better to compare Hisense and TCL which is also rated highly in USA.


Nunua Eefa from India hizo coins ziko juu kunyua konyagi

Honestly the display inTLC is crap…Skyworth…is better…but i would advice bend a little and get urself a Samsung… or LG …you wont regret

TCL anyday …

Are we forgetting that in most cases it is just some software tweaks that differentiates these brands. Samsung actually produces the display panels for most of these brands. That being said, I would highly recommend in order of quality Samsung, Sony, Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, and then the others(tcl, skyworth, etc) at the bottom of the pile. Remember some of the tech has been developed by the first tier…HDR/HDR10 and for that very reason their products gets the best of that.

Samsung ikona android kweli? How does is fare in terms of apps?

Kwanini mna hate TCL? Something like TCL C715 stacks up very well against a budget Samsung RU7100…the TCL has wide colour gamut which the budget Samsung doesn’t. Of course Samsung appears better coz we get to see their high-end tvs but TCL high-end line-ups only go to America.

Samsung uses Tizen OS. Not Android TV OS.

Skyworth ni ya wazungu, TCL ni China na Asia

TCL is among the best selling brands in in the US. Also sold in Australia and Europe.

Skyworth use part of LG’s display panels in their screens but make some on their own. LG panels and technology are superior to anything on the market.

So will it be like the case of Nokia and its former resistance to android? How do you see its future in terms of App support and market share retention?

TCL is a good deal. But it easily ‘burns’ the motherboard. I attempted to replace one last week but ilisumbua sana. But I finally got it right