Skyworth Smart 43E390 review

Just purchased the tv from Luthuli after visiting more than 8 shops comparing price plus being compeled by other brands (hii TCL iko kila mahali na zinakaa tempting kiasi)

I got the 43’ size telly na imekuwa tu poa. I had to count 38k notes for me to be given the unit…

Ok, going straight to specs…
It habours android 4.4 kitkat OS
Has a 2gb ROM
Has a RAM of 450MB (already 24% has been used.)
Screen is IPS LED (quite good if you ignore some brown fading lights when you view it at angle when screen is showing a dark scene)
Has 3 HDMI port, one for mobile HDL
1080p (screen looks perfect, pixels are good just like in any other model out there)
2 years warranty so i bet i will last atleast 2 years minus the accidental surges that may happen from trucks hitting electric posts :D)

Ok. The tv is great, it resembles windows 8 when hit the home screen. it has a lot of online apps starting from music, news, sports, family, shopping…bla bla bla when you connect it to the internet, so no need for installing any app for now if you want live tv.

Another thing is first it wont play .flv and x265 AAC files then i remembered my old MXplayer apk from my android fone. i installed it and i played the said movies well…ka vlc kangu nimekiweka standby kwanza.

The tv has everything, you can spend the whole day with the remote just scrolling, and scrolling (actually am reading some of the threads on KTalk, unluckly the native browser refused to log me in so that i write this post).

Ok, USB keyboard is supported, havent tried a mouse yet but i guess i will work coz i’ve seen an android 4.4 supporting a mouse before.

A LAN port is an obvious port for this telly, so wasee wa zuku na faiba ni chojo hapo. USB ports nazo ni mbili, they just work fine for me…and the other obvious ports zile za components.

I’vent seen any downside apart from the irritating ‘dolby speakers’ and a few delay when switching from one task from another (thats not a problem coz its a tv, not an 8 core processor smartphone)

For the family/kids its a perfect tv…there is a dedicated app which exclusively habours games playable for the tv, so i believe the tv can turn into a gaming console for a while…

DVB T2 is obvious, so story na bamba tv unatupa kule…it lacks DVB S2 inbuilt so wasee wa satellite kama sisi haijatufavour sana.

So my recommendation…

Kwa tuskys ilikuwa inauzwa 49k, na Luthuli inatoka 35-40k depending on your bargaining power.
TCL ni poa, wako na hadi curved tv but no, hio technology ya screen yao ukibofya inatoa maji kama kcalculator (LCD i think) haileti shangwe.
Na LG ni poa but issue na OS ambazo ni za utoto zijapenda…eti magic remote, na utateseka hapo kutafuta jinsi ya play certain video format na also ni expe…tusky inatoka 90k plus.

Anyway, the thing i liked about android tv is that you install any .apk, hata sahizi nitajaribu kuinstall Bungoma Hangman kama itakubali kuplay na remote…

Cheers!![ATTACH=full]49659[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]49660[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]49661[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]49663[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]49664[/ATTACH]

LOL didn’t know bungoma hangman game existed until I downloaded it…mnaujinga wakenya:D:D

Very nice review lakini mie natambua Samsung

Funny how, we now getting threads on skyworth TVs. Jana we were told vile tipper ilifikia nyaya za Stima


Leo, saa nane usiku, this one has ‘just bought’ skyworth TV from luthuli



Stupid marketers

Boss im not a marketer, just a consumer. Before i did a thorough research and i remember asking members here to suggest a good smart tv and and androidtv was picked the best… so its not about skyworth, its about the androidOS. Infact i wrote this article purposely because on google there are no reviews about this tv and also any interested kmember can get one ili ikiharibika haraka tukuwe pamoja…so kama inakuuma acha nikuletee kiti.

Wewe unakuuma?

Im too old for such kind of talk…just read what i have written, comment, ask question and back off. no need to start an irrelevant conversation with me. bye.

Then get off forums, Mr. Skyworth, whose shop is open at 2am on luthuli avenue

@ibrahim300 shop gani iyo? I’m also in the market for a TV

Itaitwa starpoint, but before ubuy hapo unaweza kucheki other shops coz shops nyingine ziliiuwa zimeisha stock na they were selling it at cheaper price.


Mimi natambua Sony

@ibrahim300 na '32 inch same specs ulicheki ni how much…

Mimi nimekuwa Sony since Trinitron, but siku hizi they’re back to selling ‘jina’, so i’ve decided to switch to Samsung (currently using Sony CX520).
Take for example Samsung 40j5500 vs Sony 40R560C, they have almost similar features (samsung looks to have better in my views) but Sony unapata bei iko juu by almost 7k (luthuli). Sasa nimeamua ni kuhama

Does the bungoma guy get royalties from the game downloads

nitaanza kusaka ROM ya skyworth sasa coz soon najua zitaaza mashida kama bootloop

 can it be upgraded, os can it run kodi

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nice review ignore the haters… alafu @luther na @Meria Mata niki taka kubuy dish ita nipea service poa ya fta?

next buy camera/phone ya power yenye itachukua picha quality

buy a 6ft dish then call me