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BREAKING: Sky sources understand Mikel Arteta has withdrawn from the running to be the next [B]Arsenal[/B] manager, leaving Unai Emery the new number one choice

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Arteta atulie kwanza apate experince ya 8 years as a main coach ndio afikirie ku train the best team in the world aka Arsenal

Unai Emery is the best choice for Arsenal…come on goons!!!

Have you just woken up from a bad dream?

FInally after decades of wenger out sacco football hooligans have their way.

At least, someone who has the hunger for success.

Would have been impressed if they got Tuchel or Allegri.

Inheriting a sick club, it will take atleast 6 years to get arsenal back to the UCL

Emery has some success history though. Arteta ilikuwa mchezo.

Unasema nini?

My biggest, biggest argument against Unai Emery is that if he couldn’t reach the heights of Champions League glory with the unlimited budget of PSG, then what the hell is he going to do with his pocket-book clamped shut by the stingy board at Arsenal?
The correct answer is he couldn’t. Emery has experience, yes, but that experience shows the managerial range that he fits in. He won the Europa League three years running with Sevilla, yet he never cracked the top four of La Liga despite this “success.”
As such, he would be on target to secure Arsenal potential glory, if you define glory as finishing between fifth and seventh and winning the Europa League.

Sasa ametoka birrionea club which can afford any player (PSG), atatoboa peasant club kweli?

Based on that argument, whats so different between him and Tuchel?

He cracked top 4 with Dortmund…despite losing the bulk of his stars due to club politics. He is a better fit for a stingy club like Arsenal.

Tuchel isn’t worth that job, guy is so inconsistent with his rotational policy, he doesn’t have a permanent first eleven. You wouldn’t know who would be starting a game until you see the line up and you know the intensity of the game in the EPL

His failures could be his best asset. People learn through their failures.

Well, he now possesses what Emery had, lets see if he lives up to your hype…

Tuchel’s teams are so weak defensively, I doubt he can cut it in the EPL. And top 4 for a team like Dortmund in the Bundesliga is a bare minimum considering the fanbase it has and its resources.

Yes he had Neymar,Cavani and Mbappe in attack but just blame the egos.Neymar and Cavani had a fallout on who is taking the penalties.
Neymar had his own physio and trains when he wants,flies to Rio for dentist check up.
Blame the players too.