Skrill help

These people have rejected both my KRA Pin and Letter from bank confirming my address, what else do they need to confirm my address and what do they need the address for anyway? Wamekwama na pesa zangu till I confirm my address. The app cant detect my location too. Useless KYC

those people are thieves. tread carefully.

Which other document in Kenya has our address if not the above? Utility bills tunalipia tu landlord utilities, passport haina address

Umejaribu kuwa-inbox Twitter? Mi huona with Paypal you can report to the better business bureau na ina-increase chance ya kuskizwa. Jaribu huko uone, though from my side hiyo website haifunguki

With Skrill, make sure the KRA is downloaded from the KRA website then you download it to your computer. Do not change the destination of the downloaded file. The Upload directly from the downloaded folder. Sijui kama unanielewa? Those people do monitor or track document moves. With Physical address, ensure you Issue Road, address, street, city, country and postal code e.g ( Nakuru-Eldoret Highway. P.O. BOX 1526 Salgaa, Nairobi, Kenya, 10235

There is no upload, you have to take a photo of the physical document, not photo in in comp screen. KRA Pin has the date it was issued which mine is eons ago and they need a document not older than 9months, watu bure kabisa. They are forcing my hand to start awakening my old habit which am recovering from, forging docs.

And therein lies the problemā€¦just change the date it was issued to comply with the 9months timeline and utapata pesa yako. Shida ya KRA ni ata ukidownload PIN saa hiziā€¦itakua na ile date uliapply for the first time.

Hii ni rahisi sana. Mbona unateseka. Hope ulisaidika

USE your Internet service provider (ZUKU) invoice. I used it and I am verified

Mkuu, huku shimoni zuku tunajua ni ya khupipi ya kuwatch zora

When verified you can use MPESA which charged only 1.45%

Wewe basi si candidate wa Skrill. Endelea na Zora

so siku hizi wealth is not measured by the number of cattle and wives but Zuku? Awuoro

Just login to kra portal then chose to amend pin. Chose amend basic info. then submit without amending anything. Then download the new cert with the current date. Then just upload it to skrill as pdf, si lazima upige picha.
But first ensure your skrill physical address is the same with your kra pin physical address.

Use your ID, Birth certificate and Zuku invoice. It worked for me.