Skipped in School? Wagalla Massacre and Ghost of King Leopold

Well at the top portion is some generic information which deviates capriciously…the top parts of what would be known to have happened, but shielded from public scrutiny…and it would take too long to explain…So pick and choose what to look, or spare your eyes the agony coz ur not obligated to read anything. and I have severally indicated this is primarily a journal.
Well you can ask about whatever pops in your mind, but there seem to be some topics that somehow find themselves, to personify, just short of , and often entirely excluded, from the mainstream education. They are said to be “Politically Inconvenient” .
Growing up I simply never heard about the Magalla Massacre that is supposed to have occurred in 1984, not too awefuly long ago , and in fact was labeled as “worst massacre in Kenya’s history”, which I just happened to not know until few years back. TRJC may have brought many of you into the “know”, so this is for the few that might have not. some ethnic Under the pretence of calming things down, about 3000 Somalis(Gov figure is 57!!!) , so it strongly depends on which source you learnt from, so as the story went, they were culled, systematically starved of food or water for about five days, then like the sadistic Stalinistic purgatory squads, they were mowed down with machine guns. Rumor has it that the chief executioner killed an average of I don’t remember the figure but north of 500 and perhaps closer to 1000. This guy hated been interrupted during work, he took on the night shift, to run undisturbed, his daily routine, which was; a man is brought in front of him bound and told to face the wallwas shocked, for if true, that indeed would be a darkest chapter of Kenyan history, and a very dark one at that. If you can take a group of people and then starve them for all that time(starvation that includes water deprivation is about as cruel as it gets), then “put them out of their misery”;its hard to fathom the brutality. I know I never heard about them at school, or maybe I was simply asleep. Pretty much the government stifled its significance due to a “media blackout” on the issue, and mostly keeping such out the syllabi.
That approach has been applied one way or the other throughout history(since man’s settlement and less of hunting and gathering); from the ancient times, and right up to this day. The concept of cities, led to the concept of administrative bodies, and awe of the wonders, led to the emergence of religion and, the main ones we hear today were generally of those who prevailed in conflicts, and for many, a vindication that they are 'special ones". Who lost? I don’t know, nobody told me, so whatever conquerors said happened happened…the essence of doctoring…

King Leopold II: Book to Read is “The Ghosts of King Leopold”". Some parts of this book were so funny I almost broke my rib cage laughing all by myself (tiny anecdote…that this one 300 lb plus lawyer, was quite energetic in presenting his arguments in court, but problems arise as he sits or stands up; then describing the chair creaks , wobbles , and disintegrated, so .that he had dealt such a massacre they had to get him a custom made chair to sit on in court…I can’t say his exact words but its funny as hell—but seriously speaking if you read this book you will laugh.)
This mad man was from Belgium is a small country this knuckle head wanted to acquire a “private country for himself”; speaking of eccentric to the power of 32. Mexico experiment by his bro or something failed , then he set eyes on Africa, through the travels of his navigator(forget his name) picked out an area roughly DRC today. Rubber, had been found there, and after a certain man decided to fabricate a tire to cushion the brutal solid steel ones. The demand for rubber jumped very high, and even more so, that the concept of automobile was taking hold(Mid 19th century Nicholas Otto came up with the concept of potentially using gasoline for engines(from steam based; Alphonde Beau De Rochas developed the model that essentially exists to this day; 4 stroke cycle…and Daimler n Benz(over time this is the Mercedes Benz guys today)… …were the first automobile manufacturing plant 1886 or give or take…And Henry Ford had created the company and the “PRODUCTION LINE” concept a really key invention that spawned companies we know today…these are from long ago in Power Mechanics…probably not perfectly accurate) but you get the drift…He fooled the world by creating two companies with very similar names and I don’t remember the names, one was a philanthropic venture-realy a mask-and the other his private prison that was the country and he was considered a philanthropist for that near sleight of hand…!!..the effect of Leopolds madness effectively wipe out 50 percent or so of the population between 1880s and early 1900, due to direct and indirect methods). His guards who monitored the rubber extractors, had firm instructions, that for each bullet shot, there had to be a corresponding right hand to justify!! an many people were as such amputated or killed to make the numbers perfect.
In the 1070s, it turns out, Belgiums ambassador to the US or something, shockingly indicated he had absolutely nothing evil from Leopold, because all that information was not on mainstream syllabi; evinced by the cluelessness about the psychopath. Irony of Ironires:Leopold didn’t lay a foot in DRC if memory serves me right.
History tulifundishwa kitu kama hiyo???

US and West in General:
Some eye openers can be foumd from some well known fellaz, whose real brilliance was on the shadow media due to “political correctedness”
Noam Chomsky: One of the greatest scholars alive in the US with absolute integrity; he is a jew but has spoken in very firm condemnation being used to stifle GazaStrip and Westbank, and a systematic Israeli Settlements through those places to make it practically impossible for the Palestinians to get any of it in future talks. Nothing vindicates his integrity as much as his firm rebuke of Israeli government actions.
John Perkins:
Ex Espionage who speaks out against activities of US; you know that smart arrangement where, CIA do something that’s purely illegal and don’t brief the president…but instead air brush the reports; essentially plausible deniability. He goes to explain how they devastated particularly Latin America, in the Grand Chessboard, during the cold war era. They request something from a country, and if not granted they bribe top officials, who, and failure of those 2, is a “rub out”;a coup is arranged (most remember was it Salvador Allende in Chile that aligned himself with the USSR for practical reasons, so Allende was wiped out, and a pro-western Lucifer’s Chief of Staff Augusto Pinochet to invite 17 years of terror; they took out, anti west more Islamic oriented maybe Mozzadee or sthing?? and planted the Shah who looted the country severely and; sure enough a flash point came with the American Embassy Hostage(444 or so days if I remmber correctly); and ushered in the era of the “spiritual leader” Khamenei at first, then Komenei after…The spiritual leader is the final arbiter. .I don’t know mullah or somethingl

How money works. Sounds simple enough right?
There is currently a fiat money system and backed by nothing(it is simply legal tender), and backed by nothing after the US had “tricked” the world into making the dollar the reserve currency for international trade, and in turn pegging the US dollar into gold(The Bretton Woods system from 1944)…and… which collapse, countries started to detect crack in the US books, predominantly through the ill thought Vietman war, and started redeeming their currency in g0ld, and US was straining to settle those obligations resulting in Nixon pulling the plug on us dollar to gold convertibility in 1971; now the US Dollar is simply legal tender for settling debts and yadi yadi yada…fractional reserve banking (interestingly, the US had confiscated almost all gold owned by the public save for specific coins etc around 1934 ) => carrying a
You will be at pains to see anything on that issues until maybe postgraduate…Most countries in the world use a variant of Fractional Reserve Curreny; meaning that a bank , need to hold reserves only to a fraction of the money actually in deposited is needed to “generate loans”. A relatively small portion of money is created from the Fed level, and most money is created at the commercial banks, with a fairly small amount of physical money circulating at any one tim…to include coins that are created by the Treasury and NOT the Fed. Fed reserve notes, or the tangible paper money you know is made by the mint at the behest of the Federal Reserve. The government is a party through which significant sums of money into existence by trading bonds or the like, to fund public ventures, that must be paid back at interest, which in turn was not created in the first place, forcing to bury more just to keep up with payments; boom and busts are artificial constructs absolutely nothing “natural” as htey try to fool people used by Fed …its apparently their job to act as “Lender of Last Resort”, price stability, and minimize unemployment.
The Federal Reserve created in (to “stabilize” the system) from panic attacks in the preceding century…and many were engineered by those top bankers, so the power to create money , the monetary policy is granted to the Federal Reserve(affiliated to the government whilst being a private entity and the word “federal” sim[ply gives the masses the an illusion that it is federal; same way Fed Express has nothing to do with the government.
There is a VERY important fact here; which is the fact that, virtually just about all the money in circulation is a “debt owed by one entity to the other”, that money is therefore borrowed into existence, it is inflationary by definition through fractional reserve banking, and VOILA if every body clears their debts there will be ZERO money in circulation. There in lies the vicious cycle, which is not very stable, and that actions by the Fed to tighten the belt or free it up through federal open market operations and this it is said the Fed is always just one step from stopping the DJs sound system as soon as the revellers start raving, and that the boom/bust cycles are scientifically use to target a state of “stability” such as a certain interest rate targets etc., and the grand BRUTAL truth is that these up/down cycles have the effective of making the wealthy few who have money to shield themselves from exposure, and they feed on people miseries potentially by buying foreclosed houses and the like at merely fractions of the “true value” and they sell the same back to the average folk, they are back with whiplash after someone had spent 20 years perfectly making monthly mortgage payments, but they slipped at the 21st all the money they had put in goes down the drain; the wealthy guy is in the middle of getting someone to make new mortgage payments, once the prices are back up, and in theory you might be “kick starting” your own previously repossessed mortgage from scratch in theory!!! If you read closely and observe what really happened here, its the cold truth that wealth was transferred from the struggling citizen to the already wealthy individual. To that end the following is a good book;
The Creature from Jekyll by Edward Griffin.

The History of the Arab People by Albert Hourani or something:
A book that offers a very vivid accountsa of the middle east history since the inception of Islam, right up to this day, as well as the current tension that still seems intractable. A good rundown of British and French activities in the early years of the 20th century that have proven problematic to this day; the Balfour declaration as well as the Sykes/Picot agreements stand out for the self-serving mindsets of both French and British.
Of Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations: By Adam Smith widely considered one of the fathers of classical economics.
Inarguably the first authorship, that in great detail, explicates the was in which an economy functions, and is widely adopted as the premier for Classical Eonomics.

The Age Of Turbulence By Alan Greenspan
This is a quasi-biographical account of Alan Greenspan’s career which saw its crest when he served as chairman of the Fed from 198 7 to 2006. It is a good book to read for hind sight, and also look at some of the mentality purveyed, and in good measure, one comes to see how, an era of “Sane US Books” for the country’s finances and for the maybe first time in a looong time, if there has ever been such a thing, that US had a Budget Surplus about 1999. Of course as soon as he ascended to presidency Bush quickly pushed out a “Tax Cut”, primarily to appease potential campaign donors. Behind the scene a dot com bubble was bubbling right under the furnace, then 911 shifted things downward, though by as much as had been feared, and that the Dot Com Bubble that invited such household names as Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. This particular bubble never quite burst, but was instead was inflated with the emerging hyper-booming of the housing market. There were simply not enough people with good enough financial acuity to embark on long terms, while a figure of about 70 Trillion US Dollars, was lying idle, very eager to be invested. So Greenspan, maintaining a loose credit policy that which was good for say “borrowing” but not “investing”. Interest Rates which are too low, will automatically deter investment, while egging borrowers on. So the Investment Banks, who usually work on getting a sound business deal and lining those up with Hedge Funds etc that had maeny with a voracious appetite for risk, which in turn awards them handsomely if successful. But there were simply not enough people with good enough credit to qualify for the many goodies being peddle in the real estate arena, and it effectively turned into a musical chairs game where you get a seat or get knocked out. And with Bush signing the Affordable Housing yadi yada, the pressures to generate income from plenty of money looking for a lucrative avenue, all thinking caps were on. There emerged a certain kind of “engineering process” whereby the mortgages are converted into asset backed securities(highly dominated by mortgages)…and this voodoo generated a good number of "highly rated assets) from questionable…dont even ask me…After all the rating agencies were being FINANCED by the same people that were being rated, and the conflicts of interest are impossible to miss there. So the real estate market had flown high on this phony illusion, people started purchasing houses, not to live in but rather flip for profit. Eventually this spaghetti of questionable securities plus insatiable appetite for “highly rewarding” risks. Ownership of a mortgage was almost impossible to trace back, or rather you ma see a property that has been foreclosed on but nobody know the ultimate owner. The job of the middle man was simply generating as much mortgages as possible, have investment banks do their abracadabra, and push it on to the Hedge Funds or wherever the investors flocked. Keep in mind that institutions such as investment banks, and hedge funds were part of the shadow banking system, meaning no direct government oversight as would be the case with commercial banks. Investment Banks started this frowned upon tendency to conducting both commercial style banking, and professional investment banking. Companies such as Golmans Sach “SHAMELESSLY” peddled securities assuring customers/investors or whoever, claiming they were all good and advisable deals (omitting the while simultaneously betting AGAINST the very securities they expressed confidence in; truly morality had gone down the drain, and a lot of people all over the world felt the impact. Credit Default SWAP was the instrument for or against where if you think they will go down then you are able to pick the appropriate choice. AIG financed a huuuuge chunk of these bogus Mortgage stuff (Insurnce**) that pretty much screwed them when huge banks started failing.
The economy was really strained and inter bank lending as they do to balance accounts at the end of the day froze. The ecoomy was stalled. So there went the TARP program, the automobile bail out etc. With the interest virtually at zero, the ecoomy was still stalled, so the Fed began an aggressive, generally untested method, and it was coined the “Quantitative Easing”…This provides an avenue to increase the money supply by the Feds, through a process whereby , the Fed purchased some of the worse investments, using unc0nventional methodology,thus putting the “bogus” out of circulation, to make it easier for financial institutions to restore the lending processes nd get the economy going. Various iterations were done and strangely close to a decade later, the overall economic quagmire has not been entirely wiped out. There was severe whiplash from the moral hazard created, where the corporations had grown too big to fail, having seriously gamled away with people’s money at large and its a shame not a s0ingle person was imprisoned for that dangerous game. The ned to extend the QE from few years back, haven’t checked lately its becoming apparent that the fractional reserve system is starting to get unhinged. If you remember the inflationary nature of the system, in which, the only guarantee almost by definition, is constant inflation of the money supply and loss of its worth. US is hiding behind the US Dollar reserve balance mask, making the trouble appear translucent instead of transparent, and some regions like ASEAN are slowly re-aligning themselves to a different composite, based not on the US Dollar, but an alternative basket of currencies. Loss of the Reserve status will almost immediately reveal its true worth, and from years back, I believe the realistic figure was loss of a third of the US Dollar to simply float on its own merit in a non-reserve stance.

Well enough random rambling…Thank you for looking through the lexical constipation above.

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  1. Wagalla Massacre.
  2. King Leopold.
  3. See Eye Yay underhand tactics in Latin America.
  4. Federal Reserve System of banking.

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After wild deviation from my original plan to complete my Technical Manual that I create everywhere I and guys love the ctru-F to get t…I’m barely started…but hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be done…

Cisco ISE – Identity Services Engine: This platform serves the Cisco Identity Server functionality , which runs several processes to limit network access only to entities that have been validated at the correct privilege level, as well as a host of other functionalities pertaining to identity and security. Some processes it can run include the “AAA Server Role” , and to this specific role it is, not exactly a feature parity successor to the Cisco ACS, or Access Control Sever, but functionally it is effectively as such, 802.1X Radius Server for NAC (Network Access Control), third-party integration e.g. with security services such as McAfee AV(Anti-Virus) , and the HIPS(Host Intrusion Prevention Systemm), plus quite a number of others.
SDN-Software Defined Networking
With the bleeding age paradigm coined Software Defined Network; tersely, a dynamically programmable network where here has been a decopling of the control plane from the data plane, such that, contrary to legacy systems where each physical device was a fusion of control/data plane, SDN can migrate control plane to a centralized orchestrator, which in turn can be used to programmatically build the entirety of the network infrastructure before the hardware ever arrives, on the orchestrator, and as such when the relevant hardware arrives, you simply set up and power on the hardware device, followed by a “push” from the orchestrator, or maybe “pull” depending on the order of operations, to be followed by basic connectivity tests between the elements as required, after which process the device goes live!
Hardware Abstraction: The hardware is here considered to be “stateless”, and it’s functionality is abstracted, meaning a “software centric” approach is in use; that a software configuration capsule fully defining the functionality of the device is indexed in an orchestrator, whereas the hardware piece is relegated to an interchangeable plug and play component, not much unlike the disk where you keep a burned copy of a pirated song. You carry CD but the “meaningful good” is the “song”.

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