Those who aren’t voting, swali kwenu, are there things you expect disclosure of especially in serious relationships like marriage, if the person has reformed what purpose does disclosure serve exactly???. For example if someone was an occultist,Gaza member,a hitman for hire,a pimp or Madame, male or female sex worker,drug dealer or addict. Abortions,kids given up for adoption or living with their baby daddy or momma or in another continent? You were in jail for murder or arson 20yrs ago. You have had debt/gambling /bankruptcy problems in your past? Addictions? Would it be a deal breaker if they don’t disclose then you find out much,much later? Is it necessary to disclose especially very heavy secrets/baggage or is it better to spare and protect your deer ones?

disclosures are very tricky makena, i wudnt disclose some stuff kama sijaulizwa

those you have named are important but dont tell your husband the number of dicks you have sucked…

deer ones. safi sana.@introvert approve hio.

Unaeza disclose, I am listening…

Mmmh… am thinking ill be back with an answer

some things you die without telling anyone

Kusema kweli some people have alot of baggage n skeletons in their past that they should not be blamed for not saying. Some of it is not even in their control e.g. Some families have issues from here to Timbuktu. Witchcraft,incest,insanity but someone from such background can be a very good person. For example that gangster couple Claire n Mwani RIP of Gaza left a very sweet kid,sasa huyo mtoi pengine atakuwa a Pastor,Surgeon or Judge should he disclose to his wife that his parents were gangsters? Ingine ni wana,mtu alikuwa nayo but problems come if the spouse finds out later like one gal I know, she had 4 kids act like she had none after marriage n four kids her husband found out n bcz,he wanted to leave her coz of the secret,she had him executed. Would you leave your spouse ukipata skeletons kama hizo kwa closet? 4 kids u don’t know about???

Wengine kama SpartaLee,the problem is if you are like me who has never! Kwake hiyo ndio dhambi.

Well, according to me whatever you did before we met that’s non of my business. I just want to know the things that will affect our lives hizo zingine apana.

this one is hard, i can’t hang around…such stuff shd b made known early enough, say by date number 2

Date 2??? Too early! You need to be seriously attached first before such heavy stuff is unleashed bana.

not early, it is better this way ndo kama ni deal breaker msipotezeane wakati

V. good question.
Kama inaeza kuja kutuaffect in future then you should probably tell me, so I know what I’m dealing with. Esp. hizo addictions

Anything personal has to be disclosed especially if it will find it’s way to the knowledge of a spouse, issues surrounding circumstances need to be disclosed if the circumstances are likely to recur, vices like robbery or prostitution due difficult economic circumstances may likely revisit a person if the couple hit a economic dry patch.

I know of a lady,married, once she had a one night stand.
She asked for advice. Her guilt was tearing her apart… her colleagues told her to forget it…she wanted to tell hubby.
She was advised to see a counselor, she did…it didn’t work. She went to church and confessed her sin,talked to the priest and still she couldn’t forgive herself.

One night, a few months down the line she told the hubby, who had no suspicion whatsoever…and it hurt him so much( he is elderly and can’t “rise” to the occasion)

Things have not been the same after that. The woman is in more psychological torture than before.

My opinion… Mistakes happen but some things you take to the grave.