SJ, Rico pub, etc

I need your help guys, where can I find places like these in mombasa?


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Name of the pub/building please



Casablanca (cliche)

copy ukifika u paste

Really? Mobatha is one big wet pussay waiting to be fucked. Metaphorically speaking.

Mtwapa is in Kilifi

It is part of Metropolitan Mombasa but administratively it is in Kilifi.

Yes it is…and it’s the place to be.

True, that place is like being in another country.

kwa beetch??

and mombasa is all wet now (pun, pun)

Mtwapa anytime…hata daytime

Sabasaba, Casablanca associated streets(CBD)…Mtwapa: Lambada, Casuarina, Lolypop(sijui ka wamefungua the place but apo nje ma8-30pm kuendelea ni noma)…and many others.

taja zote, you have as much writing space as possible

@mtwapa…casurina but before 9pm. Hiyo place ni mambo baad

Kiko ako wapi?

uliza @msalame grace