Size Poa


Weka in 3D

Digiri wacha ma voyeuristic behavior za kuchungulia gals washroom :smiley:

Ni yeye ameniwekea chief

there is no bad size with regards to ass, as long as u got the right tool and right prowess. the joy is sampling all sizes interchangeably, and when alphas are discussing ass sizes, you dont comment on such, you continue sipping your drink like no one is talking around you.


Hio ni rungu hapo kando ama dildo?


Mine is hotter.

wacha nipewe kajug niendelee kusip tu

…and it was snapped by another nigga…

Ndio amenitumia nioshe mecho, who cares who took it

Is it a case of her having a big forehead or does she have a receding hairline.


in my hey days, nilifyeka both college girls and mama duka (houewives with kibanda or duka in estate). each category had its own thrill. one day i bumped into a girl at a local shop and it was a thrill knowing i have ferked both women who were infront of me. the fun is not just poosie tightness, its also in the confidence of just seeing milfs peel of pant for you too and enjoying the view of mature poosie too intowhich i almost always poured inside (raw).

Don’t go taking shots in public places and display them here !