Size Matters

Endless debate …
Does SIZE really matter in a Relationship …???


Speaking as one who prefers a Bird with more “Meat” , I could be considered somewhat biased …
What Sayest Thou …???


Wah huyu mnalala kitanda moja? …for life? :eek::eek::eek:

Mbona Washangaa …???
Ndovu Hashindwi na Pembe zake …!!




hiyo nyeus…ni sawa tu!

Please if you’re short guy, the momo will wear you off in bed…

More cushion for the pushin’

I eat beef, goat, chicken, quail and crocodile in Carnivore.
Mchagua qoomer si mtombaji.
Bora si under 21, I work with what I get.

Hapo Sawa …







Macho safi kama nguo za surgeon.

provided unaweza tosheleza kwa bed, who cares about the body unless you are trying people who don’t matter

And on that note, … Safisha Macho…!!