Sixth Sense - Never Ignore

I have been thinking that my houseboy (it’s not a boy, an adult male Mboch), has been stealing from me. No concrete evidence, lakini change haipatikani kwa mifuko. You are damn sure Jana ulikua na change ya 1500 lakini unapata tu 200 on a Thursday morning. Saa zingine you imagine ulikua na thou 5 lakini Sasa Ni mbili. You get the flow, you could think you just messed up and brought more tipple than you were supposed.

Leo asubuhi, nikiwa kwa mhindi, I got email kutoka kwa bank saying that I just spent some cash online equivalent to my rent on some obscure website. I don’t carry my debit card with me always. Nikaona niende nyumbani to trace it. Off course I found it missing and promptly told my bank to block it. Kwenda lunch, nikaitafuta tena and found it exactly where I had searched before, my reserve wallet. Can you guess who has access to that part of my house? The houseMboch.

When I confronted him, he denied using it. Said I could do anything I want. So I called cops on him. I’m told that he has cracked now, admits to stealing.

What annoys me is that I know his family and children. He knows mine too. I have been paying him an above average wage. Yet I feel guilty having him locked up today.

I should have acted on my suspicion months ago. Always act on that small nagging feeling you have. Kama mbaya mbaya. My sixth sense was always right. I always used to let my intellect argue me out of action.

hio ni malipo ya kumukamua mkia, only faggots employ houseboys

Umeandikwa,ukaandika ka boyz? Uko na bibi btw?

Am i the only one who finds this story weird? a grown man employing another grown man to work and live with him hadi ako na access to your accounts.

We refuse to think what we are thinking.

Do not confuse slothfulness with intellect. You cannot have a sixth sense until you have the first five.

How the fuck do you have a houseboy mboch.That’s ferking weird.The only situation you could justify this is if you live in a big farm ranch but unaishi aje na mwanaume as mboch kwa normal house.Ewwww.

Umekamua huyo houseboy na sasa anakukamua. Siuende mukaamuane vile mulikamuana

How and why have you employed a mboch man in your rented house? Do you have a wife? Where are those children you are saying he knows about? Do you stay just the two of you? Why does he have access to an important room in your rented house? This story smells of suspicion!


It also smells sweaty, musky & manly.
But OP seems to prefer it thatway

Karmas a biyaaach, unamkamua then unakumuliwa na patel. Malipo hapa hapa duniani.

For those of you who rushed to judge @Kigui. I’m a very straight guy, I won’t employ a gay. I won’t employ a woman to work for me because I’m a man, bendera hupanda. My family lives away from me. My fox hole cannot accommodate family if you know what I mean. But I’m allowed a wing man.

Why should I answer you?

Wooooi @Kigui, came here to floss about large amounts of lose change, debit card, job, rent, employer status, magnanimity, etc. but has a lot more explaining to do…

Kikikikikikiki! You are making it worse. Ni male-mboch with special privileges, roommate/wingman ama boyfie?

Do you have employees? Do all of them live with you?

Chief, I respect your input. I don’t floss coz I have nothing. What weighs on me is that I got someone jailed.

Soul ties ni noma babaa. Hata afadhali ungetumia condom dry fry hapana. You are guilty because of soul ties

Hata mimisitaki kwenda hapo lakini akili zinavutwa na impossible magnetic force…

You already called the cops on your ‘wingman’. What do you want Ktalk to do?

You need to make up your mind whether to extract a repayment agreement from him and spring him, or press charges and watch the grinding wheels of Kenya justice.

Na bado you haven’t explained the relationship. As a wingman with access to your bedroom, wallet and clothes, was he also allowed to capture game and consume it in his sleeping quarters?