Six pack

80% of men with a six pack are not into women.Most of these men with huge muscles are gayś

Treeholder spotted

Pole… rejection is a bitch!:smiley:

I have a one pack…you game?

The issue of gays aside, one thing I have noted is that men who are more into the business of intense bodybuilding and weightlifting have very low levels of libido. I experienced it myself. Hata kuna fununu ati kasusu huwa inashrink ukiinua weights Sana.


Do u regret marrying your current wife?

Are you this homosexual Media Madness guy?

I am 130kgs of pure muscles na siwezi mind kukukamua

Ni yeye, NVchieth

No. Why do you ask that? It’s not related to this topic.

I don’t have a six pack i would love one ! This sounds like sour grapes after kuchapwa vitu then rejected ! Bitchez have 3 avenues of escape after being dumped

  1. He is gay
  2. He is broke
    3.He has a small dick / Poor in bed ( ask Shollei and Linturi )

Wacha steroids

kĮhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilisi

Kwani @digi alikukulia wife ndio unamfuatanga kwa threads zote kumtusi with a tired old line?

We, men with 6 packs, don’t fuck ugly bitches, we’ve too many premium pussy options. Sorry…

Cope harder, fat fuck

[SIZE=5]@Mzee mzima and his fat thunder thighs and huge man tits fully endorses this message.


Captain Alex concurs.