Sivo servants, mumestock lube ya Christmas?

Let’s keep blaming every issue on corona, even when everyone knows we’ve gotten here due to years of unsustainable borrowing and general economic mismanagement. Now more than ever, I’m committed to evading taxes, it’s the patriotic thing to do. Lakini sivo servants huwa hamko vibaya saaaaana, si ile hongo nyinyi huokota huwa imeshinda ata mshahara?


MPs salaries should also delay

Fuckers paid themselves illegal house allowance

Kenya is heading the Lebanon or Zambia way. It will be unable to repay its debt and will ask for the debt to be restructured. Then the banks and lenders will refuse. Kenya will start printing more money making our currency valueless. We will then be like Zimbabwe. Utanunua mahindi choma ya barabara na 1 million kenyan shilling. Kutakuwa na noti ya 1 billion. All because wanjohi and Sugoi borrowed so much and stole what they borrowed

Swafii they’ve been cooking books of accounts saying ikonomi is growing on 6% annually. :smiley:
You can rig the ikonomy.

More like nigeria a basket case

why does a dog like you get paid for anyway?..a coward eunuch ferking prostitutes in a barrack?
eating my taxes like dog biscuits…I would pump a .700 nitro express into your hollow skull without flinching

Kwani breakfast yako huwa weed cookies na Konyagi? Kuwa mpole ghaseer :D:D

Ghasia heshimu Kenya defence farce. Ni Gathecha drunkard-in-chief in chief alitukosea sio eunuch.

I will gladly ferk fuck a prostitute your sister and by the way my account just got fatter this morning and you can do nothing about it… You filthy piece of trash your taxes my arse

ofcourse a twat will celebrate shit …not a ‘soldier’
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Dogs in a kennel…apana tambua meffi

Tulisema watu washike mashamba, secure them and start producing their own food… Assuming majangili hawataruka kayaba waingie corral to cart away cobs on the stalk… Soon fiat money might become worthless, not even worth the paper it’s printed on. Dystopia and doomsday scenarios… Weka kidogo kando for self sustenance, tunaeza rudishwa factory settings za hunter gatherer

Majority have been aiding corruption, incompetence, and laziness.!!
DJ, weka ngoma ya "harvest time-Don carlos

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If you had a little brain that is left after syphilis know this everyone except the disabled and is on a payroll pays taxes in kenya including…
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