Sister Irene Stefani

[ATTACH=full]5836[/ATTACH] Now that she is being beatified, I have read her letter written to someone in 1930 in ‘gikuyu’ language as she understood it. hehehehe. These white nuns and the priest were brunt and shameless… In the letter she writes 'ongyenda no ongorere sulwari na sharti tondu…(illegible) (illegible)…" loosely translated: ‘if you can, please buy me a panty and a shirt because…" Someone must have deleted the last part :D.
I remember when i was a kid, a nun who we used to call Sista Wanjiku used to teach us ‘kirira’ or catechism.
One day she was called to the office and before she went she told us: Ndasye kwi father, no ningushooka. Muikare ta twana twega…na mutikasisane’ :smiley:
I dont know why they had a problem with words with ‘th’ always pronouncing them as ‘s’.
Barua ndiyo hiyo hapo juu:

hehe ati panty na shati :smiley: :smiley:

Reminds me of; athúri aya mokirie tene na atumiya matiramahe iti. The italiano priest made every one think of an orgy.


One has to fungia the laughter and laugh after the service. haha.

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Every time I hear about Sr. Irene it reminds me of those days I was in St Teresa’s mathari nyeri, that’s one period of my life I went through hell, those consolata nuns they were cruel in the name of installing discipline

she was probably going to kusiswo herself

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Catholic school. You must have left the school as virgins. hehe.

hehehe. I hope ni hekaya.

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Yeah, after imbibing a lot of paraffin mixed with food from class 3 to 8

Eti "ngeisi chyakwa ta mahuti magesaka" Hahaaaa, she tried. She better than my Italian Priest who has been in the Parish for longest time.

Its very true.

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Most likely she only meant a blouse and a pair of trousers. Where I come from locals still call trousers thuruari.

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I highly doubt. Thuruari its true means short…but that’s the one for men. In her case, the nuns were NEVER allowed to don trousers or short shorts.(just like today).
She must have meant ‘panty’

:D:D:Dtiga wana

Instilling, not installing.

Ok, what do you mean by cruel? I, too, went to a catholic boarding primary school and was quite ok with it.:slight_smile:

it can also be considered installing.

When i was an alter boy, the priest used to spank our asses telling us that he is instilling discipline, but from the command (prompt) in his voice, he was installing.

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Hii comment yako nilikuwa naogopa itaisha na molestation!:smiley:

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Hehehe. Me too. There’s a time in KPotea he hinted that. Have been waiting for the story since then.


kwani mtu ni hardware anangojea discipline 1.0