Sister in law

My ‘20 something’ sister in law has been staying with us for the last 2 months…she is a yellow yellow… problem is me as a fisi can’t help but admire her booty now and then…I have a feeling she knows cos when I’m off duty and my first lady ain’t around she dresses so provocatively…so much that u can sense the sexual tension…hii sitagonga…kesi zingine ni mbaya.

Hiyo kesi hata Karim Khan na Katwa Kigen kama wamekunywa redbull na wamekula glucose hawawezi kutoa.

Na kwanza wapi picha as evidence tuoshe mecho tuki confirm ni yellow yellow ama ni black black Kama makaà… Na if ana jianika kaa nguo twanga hii maneno ya kesi ni badae after many months as long as hekaya ya vile bibi alipita na transformer juu ya hasira uta angusha apa…

Efidence muhimu fisi hii,

Hii ni ile noma hata Maraga akuje na bible zote plus SDA mzima ikusaidie hawezi kuku plead innocent,

Hiyo hata usijaribu game za home ground ni tricky

Mimi kama mmoja wao mwanafisi,kama wewe Hauwes tafuna hiyo yellow yellow kuguru tafadhali nipe thru pass.From one fisi to another. ama namna gani?

In the western part of the country, your sister in law is game.

Very important…


She must be hot enough to keep you awake all night. 3:15am you were thinking of her as the wife slept there next to you?

Chapilia yeye mzinga ya pombe alafu uone reaction, if she attacks you with lust defend yourself

True. I know this from experience

happens usually a trap, if you hit that unakuwa cashcow

Bila evidence hatuwezi kusaidia

Hii ukigonga utajipata exile @timbuktu

Where I come from , there is a famous saying that you do NOT shit at your Door Step …

Female Relative’s of your wife are a NO-NO …

Save yourself the Bother , Drama and Stress that comes with such mis-adventure …

Unmarried sisters inlaw are home wreckers

With a dick ama? :D:D

What is a grown up woman doing in your marital home na si mboch? She ought to be out there hunting for her own.

Be a man , she will respect you in future not now !
Ikizidi call both in a meeting and clearly mark your boundaries