SirMaviCorn Sambaza Limit

hawa mafala wamereduce samabaza limit from 900mb to 10mb per day

sasa hizi data wars zime.anza…
airtel is the way sasa

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So wameamua kuua biashara za sambaza data

huu ni ujinga kweli, airtel should step in

Walipunguza lini? As of last night it was still 900mb.

Airtel is unlikely to dent the green monster’s stranglehold on data for as long as their nationwide HSPA network coverage is so limited. Really sad coz this is one segment that could do with some real competition.

manze bana…

watu wanahama safaricom

yeah its a high time for plan B

IMHO, the one player with the resources to take on the green monster in matters data is Orange Kenya. That’s why it baffles me that they’re discontinuing the CDMA network that has served some of us so faithfully. I mean, what did they do with the nationwide Telkom network (together with the attendant frequency spectrum) that they inherited? As capital intensive as the business is, it surely must be cheaper to modernize than set up new operations from scratch.

I’ve recently read in the media if how they’re complaining that despite holding 70% stake, they have ‘lost control’ of the firm due to the shenanigans of the 30% shareholder, good old GoK. This has effectively set the stage for their exit which can only serve to entrench the green monster’s stranglehold and ‘pseudo-monopoly’ on data. So much for affordable internet.


Personally I will stay with the good old Orange despite safaricom enticing people with a 100% bonus on data. The daily unlimited on orange for 50/= serves me well.

Weekly unlimited it is for me.

Why is it I cant check data balance with safcom. Anyone with same experience?

Did they do this?? Luckily i had just sambazad some 900mb…

i heard post paid wako na hiyo shida…

lucky you lakini zikiisha we kwisha…

I enquired using sms *544# doesnt work for prepay.

its working kwangu… ungetuma blank kwa 144

Dial 4501#

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