Sipendangi Ujinga Pia

I had this slayqueen of a girlfriend a while back, yule kazi ni kuwatch movies and kungoja take-outs. We had dated for long by the way, over 1 year and the entire period she never did anything womanly in my house, hata kupika mayai. One day I found some romantic messages on her phone with some other dude and so I killed that relationship like any man would. Problem is, since then, amekuwa akinisumbua na ma-lovey dovey calls and texts for the entire period since we broke up. The other day, I had had enough because huyo dame alinitoka kwa system kabisa. She had been insisting to visit me for sex (she is straightforward hafichangi) so I thought I will end the nagging once and for all. I accepted akakuja mancave, I used protection (1+ years is a long time) and fucked her brains out. Now she has been texting daily asking nimpeleke out etc and since I am over her, I just did the unthinkable. Nimemtumia video whatsapp ya dame mhot kumliko, in my mancave, twerking. Dame akiwa amevaa a t-shirt yenye huyo ex alininunulia. Her response “Byee”. I feel like a new man juu pia sipendangi ujinga. :D:D

photo ya dem ameiva…ama hio video akitwerk akiwa na your oversized tshirt

Hizo ni classified. Hii ni theory, practicals kimbia Sabina Joy kaka:D

You Ripped out the band-aid… Good move…

Sorry…what do you mean? Sijakuelewa lakini


You did not pussyfoot around the issue, you were clear enough that you’ve moved on and don’t want her anymore.

I had no choice. It was necessary if someone thinks anaweza kufanyia madharau 1+years ago and come back, and pick up the relationship from where she left. I also think during that time she tried replacing me unsuccessfully otherwise she wouldn’t nag me for sex claiming to have cobwebs the entire time.


Swafi. No need to tip toe around her. After all she started it.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dnice one

Acknowledge the source

Hiyo chumvi, ongeza pilau tuone kama inawesmake.

In most cases:
Remove sex from a relationship you will discover that over 90% of women have nothing to offer in that relationship. Remove money from a relationship you will discover that over 90% of women see no reason to be in that relationship.

Fisi 10, Slay Queen nil

ujinga tu

Exactly. Now that I am older and smarter, I realized that back then, this slayqueen brought nothing to the table apart from pussy.

No woman is perfect bro!! Tafuta moja gurumia yeye kama simba and she’ll respect you. Otherwise utazunguka from one pussy to another all your life.
Wazo tu!

I already have a woman. Hii saga yote ilihappen kwa mancave, not my main house. That is where we dated 1+ years ago. I rented a bigger place but maintained it as a mancave.

Mimi nipewe summary. @volton can’t be trusted with any original stuff