Sio Kuzuri

The economy is in the crapper, literally. Leo afternoon nimeshinda Luthuli Avenue. That place is a shadow of its former self. Four years ago all wholesalers were smiling all the way to the bank. You literally had to wait in line to buy your stuff. There were no vacant shops. Leo man hata wengine wamefunga maduka. Traffic is like 20% of what it once was. Sellers look at you with eager eyes and you can read the hunger on their faces. Something is seriously wrong with this economy if what I saw is anything to go by.

…have they opened luthuli for traffic???

Foot traffic only. You cant drive there.

OK! Then that would make sense in a way.

The economy is growing, it’s the population that is slowing down economy~ @FieldMarshal CouchP

Dr Ndii wrote a piece about nyamakima

Nyamakima is fueled by counterfeit sub standard products.
If the government really clamped down on sub standard products most of those traders would go home within a month and traffic to and from town would ease.

Kuna Prof nilicheki pale Inooro tv wakiongea ju ya kuanza hustle akasema " Hi nchi usiseme hakuna pesa, sema hauna pesa."

No single bank reported drop in profits this is despite the high number of bad loans and many SMEs closing down and many others straggling. So how do banks overcome negative economy, I keep asking myself

N safaricom profits keep jumpin "
[SIZE=6]Safaricom net profit jumps to Sh63.4bn[/SIZE]
Friday, May 3, 2019 9:14

They loan the government money, government offers them a better interest

The economy is fine, the policies are the problem. The economy wants to fly but the policies have a choke hold on one leg. You can’t grow when primarily the govt is taxing you into oblivion. A narrow business space leads to short term profits where a few sellers thrive before they all goes down either by being over taxed or costs of items go beyond reach of common man, the markets are suffocating but theres hope…hama Nairobi set up shop where Njiraini has difficulties to access.

Most of the tech gadget business has moved online for various reasons, growing middle class(the average citizen today has more money than the average citizen 10yrs ago), convinience(nowadays the average employee works more hours than before hence I can pay slightly more e.g. 1k to 3k more to have something delivered to my home or office and shop right in the middle of my work hence no need to look for a day to go downtown while I can easily shop anytime e.g. during work hours or even at night), and lastly hardware is now cheaper nd easily accessible than ever. 70% of Kenyans use smartphones according to the communications authority of Kenya. Kitambo you would buy a fake Nokia N35 having shelled out kiddo 35k so you HAD TO BE THERE to inspect. Nowadays phone counterfeits are almost unheard of so really no need for you to be at Luthuli. Avechi alone reports 900k unique site visits per month and as as cheap as Luthuli itself. I don’t need to buy a fridge then be stuck with the logistics of how to get it home while if I order online they will bring it anyway. Jumia and Avechi have cannibalized the market. Majority of jumia phone and tv dealers are the luthuli people anyway.

Kitambo if a phone company wanted to setup shop in Kenya, they would start a distribution centre at Luthuli and pay for AD Space on the buildings along the street. Case in point the launch of Techno in Kenya. Now if we look at the launch of the newer entrants e.g. Infinix. They visit Jumia, pay for an exclusive section and do not operate any licensed shop.

Why in the world would I buy a phone or tv downtown and risk being ‘tailed and robbed’ while I can TOTALLY eliminate this risk by having the said shop deliver it to my home or office.

True. Luthuli is also known for counterfeit products and utapeli. Stories of people being conned inside shops are awash on Social media. Word travels fast and people have been avoid shopping there.

If it must come from Luthuli @syndicate ndio Champ hizo sides ,badala ya kwenda huko mpigie atakusort.

In this digital age where you can just order online or just get them to drop it where you want without you going there?

We used to pitia nyamakima to buy grains but the lady now brings it to us. They have great deals huko because of competition

Hapo luthuli ulikuwa unaenda kununua TV unatoka umekamuliwa 10-0 without remote, aerial na other components. Unafika na TV nyumbani unapata ni SAMSNUG. ilikuwa ka game ya kenya vs senegal.

Kuna Mama alinunua TV halafu huyo broker alimuuzia akaweka kwa mgongo ili amfikishe stage. Halafu akaenda akiendaga…mama kurudi shop akaambiwa ati hawamjui.

Hiyo luthuli ni kaa kila mtu ni brother/ cousin ya @snapdragon. Good riddance