Sink hole in Mombasa

Tenants of Two flats Near Nakumatt Bamburi
opposite Lake view phase 6 have been served
with an Emergency evacuation, after a sink hole
swallowed their septic tank leaving the entire
foundation hanging dangerously , the two flats
risk collapsing…
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hehehehe @ES hapa osungu.dll imechapwa 2hot slaps ati…

Ilikuja na sheep

Sasa huyo mama ni kimbelembele gani imempeleka hapo? Does she know anaeza fuata hiyo septic tank to a very shitty death?

She got no idea.the sight of it in the mbicha above is giving me thithi.

Tuko hivyo. Kenyans gather around tipped over petrol tankers and other dumb behaviors kama hii.

wot does she expect to see?

Anatafuta udaku ya kupeana jioni. Aambie watu how you couldn’t even see the bottom of the hole

huyo niwa ile sect ya akina @justus , anatafuta saitan huko ndane.

When nature conspires to rob you of your investment.
Mombasani wanasema hio pesa haikua haral

gawkers. gawkers everywhere…

founding on sand…

how deep the sink hole is


some nice apartments there man

@Meria Mata whatever you took last night haikufai. Its not ‘haral’ but halal…

Sinkhole ya @Female Perspective inatoshana aje?

Asante mtu wa across the creek, from where i come from hakuna el

Reminds me of a girl in high school who liked wearing a t-shirt with the words “I Swallow Small Boys”

Hakuna cha sinkhole…
This is the new and modern grabbing by Arap Mashamba