Singo mother and Surname

So Statistics are now showing that children’s raised by single mothers is on the rise. But one thing I still wonder,Do this children have surnames? MGTOW= Freedom

Those bastards use their grandfathers’ name.

Some use their mother’s names.

Some use their names

Kuwa mpole. Single mothers are among the most vulnerable groups of people in our society.

Vulnerability from what?

Economic, social, emotional, mental, spiritual vulnerability

Be nice bana!We may have some here!:smiley:


They are stronger mentally and you are weaker mentally.
You are stronger physically they are weaker physically.

All other things are bullshit.

Nigga, you is on some bullshit.

Are you vulnerable from what you’ve listed?

why cant they give the children their grandfathers name( for malaya who cant know the father) and for those who know the father give them the fathers name hata kama aliingia mitini. si mtoto anaitwa nyambura kama @Azor Ahai na ni msee

Chokosh naona unanitafuta sana leo. Sio mimi nimekukulia bibi.

The Kisii would call kids their father or frand father’s name. Siju kwa nini Qiuks insist on calling grown men female names.

Your English is totally dead

Those kids use names from their mothers lineage