Singo fadhas

How do men who get married with kids ensure that their bastards are well behaved and don’t bring stress to their new partner, since they are prone to saying wanaonewa if the step mother tries to instill discipline in a hitherto unruly child who has been used to doing what they want to do with out consequences and parental discipline ama wenu mumewatupia nyanya zao? I’ve seen a post in the womanosphere about a woman leaving a single dad bcz his kid is ungovernable. Wale mumeza nje ya ndoa how do you balance your new wife and your kids borne outside marriage.

The woman should know her place. That’s all.

What is her place? If she tries disciplining your child, the child is being mistreated. Isn’t it better you leave the child with a neutral party like your mother who is related to your child by blood?

NO. My children stay with me. Wife has to get kids and learn to live in harmony

Uliza waluhya ndio hupelekewa mabastards!

There’s no woman who will truly accept your children. You rule with an iron fist in your house. If you have shared custody, just make sure to spend time with the kids and keep up with their school work. Are they passing. How many classes, what are their goals, etc.

Mabastards? Ghai! is it not the culture there that the children ‘are’ the fathers in case of a separation?

I have seen women who accept those kids wholeheartedly. All depends on how the man steers the ship. Starting off with the kind of woman he chooses to be around his kids. If he knows what he is worth he will choose a woman who gets on with the kids. If he wants a woman to have fun with…that is different and she should not be introduced to the kids.

Depends on which part of lunje land. Current generation had learnt not to take in bastards coz of cost of living and shamba shenanigans.
Some older generation mzees sold and squandered shamba money and very few lunjes have huge tracts.
Kuna wazee who took in bastards ati for the prestige of being welcoming and ati a big boma lunjes have this non sense ya kuitwa kiongos or mtu wa watu…i personally know a mzee who took in a woman who murdered her hubby. The mzee who had 30 acres and 1 son took in a murderous woman who came in with 4 sons and 3 daughters…as we speak they are settled on 3 quarter of an acre 29 and a quarter iliuzwa wakakula pesa…and they all live in temporary shelters no water and elec connected.
Mzee amepotelea kwa changaa ya kununuliwa…na sio yeye peke.

What about discipline. Can she beat your kids from another mother?

This thing can turn into a nightmare especially when the kid is unruly and your wife is also not keen on raising another woman’s kid if it’s joint custody the biological mother can really poison your kid Against your wife.

This ishu is bigger than you can imagine. Coz there is great attraction between Kyuk women and Luhya men.


You must be really struggling since your trolling handle was banned. The one where you threw meffi emojis on every single post.

Thats a recurring theme in this here jiji which i dont buy…im sorry to say. And i harbour no bias against any tribe.
But lunjes and women are inseparable…come to luhya land and within a week youl be domesticated regardles of whatever your shortcoming.
Wenda wazimu tu ndio guys dont touch…but if your degree of wazimu is manageable…wafula atakuona kando baadaye.
Huku kwetu unapata hunchback women that goes wouldnt normally touch…ana hata 5 kids…with maybe 3 different and sane baby daddies who are well known and no one laughs about it…i hope you dont find this funny.
Theres only one kikuyu woman who got knocked up by our lunje engineer who got a contract somewhere in central waka amua liwe liwalo.
Guys here love women and yes yellow yellows…but most of the yellow yellows are from coast…from indian ocean to lake victoria.
Story ya kiuks na lunjes…sijaona…thats just me…we are closer to tanzanians and ugandans…and lots of both are married here…and they work as waitresses and hookers all over.
I repeat LUNJES HAVE VARIETY dont forget adhiambos are also a stones throw away.

I am ‘reporting’ from the school of experience and what I see around me. Never lived in Luhyaland but I can tell you serious Kyuk girls love Luhya men. Perfect husband material and I agree with that 100 percent. They get on like a house on fire.
I am not quoting the kijiji at all on this one. As a matter of fact, kijiji spreads another lie that Kyuk and Jengs get on. No they don’t. Jengs are flamboyant and extravagant. Lazy hawk eyed Kyuk women will gladly show them how to ‘spend’ their money.
I know v many Kyuks happily married to Lunje men.

You are defending your post from the point that Kyuk women are trashed here every nano second. But I will tell you for free…present me with a Luya man and a Luo man and I know who to pick blindfolded!

I have lost count of the Luhya men that ask me for intros…

Lunjes have good cv. Infact the word lunje is used as a term of endearment. Like Bae. I once dated a meru guy who told me his female workmates felt like they hit a jackpot when they get a lunje, he was being sarcastic like Lunje Yay. so we started calling each other my lunje if you can believe it. It became our inside joke. My lunje. My lunje. Wacha tuu. Merians are very comical under the conservative veneers. OK. Maybe it’s just me who brings out the wacky in people, I have a kiyuk friend who we talk to each other in a Luo accent. We compete who can do the best imitation. It’s hilarious.

Yup…kyuks and jangos i agree…inakuanga shida tupu alot of times…they are meant for fun not marriage…or if marriage then the guy ndio akue kyuk…but bado ni noma.
Sawa…good luck to your pals hooking up with lunjes…but my advice would be they hook up with lunjes wale wana weak ties with their roots and villages…well learned exposed cosmopolitan lunjes (including parents and grand parents) who only go back to shags just becoz they own land there and nothing else…you get…enlightened lunjes ama wata lilia chooni.
Otherwise sawa let the girls enjoy some lunje muscle…you should get in on the act one of these days chini ya maji you get a feel of things.

I have written about my mlunje ex many times here. That is why I said I am posting from experience. And no I was not talking about the ones huko deep mashinani. I mean the exposed ones. But even these ones have serious ties with their culture. But so do we. I am Kyuk to the bone marrow but we won’t spend our entire time together talking culture all the time. Plenty of middle ground to be covered. It is accommodate me and I accommodate you.
Respect also goes a long way.